Life in Pandemonium….and then wash hands

So it began easily enough. I was able to distract the babe enough so that I could get the little one latched on and starting to nurse. I even got the babe to get a toy from his playroom downstairs and then play in his room while the little one nursed sleeping and happy. I could tell the babe wanted to talk and play, but this was the 5:00 pm feeding, and I was waiting for my husband to get back, and I did not have the energy to talk and play.

Five minutes into the feeding the babe said ‘I need to go to potty’

He has been potty trained for more than a year now but I still like it if he tells me where he is. So of course he goes to the bathroom.

He sits down. I pray that he will stay there for five minutes so that I can at least nurse the babe for 10.

He does. Just as it is almost 20 minutes of nursing, I hear ‘Mommy, I need help’

‘What help?’

‘I am done’

Ok, so there is some problem. I unlatch the little one, put him down and go over, praying for the best. Which was that I could get the babe out with minimal time lapse before rushing back to nurse the little one on the other side. This has to be timed perfectly since the babe tends to fall into deep sleep and refuses to nurse.

The babe has managed to get poop all over his hands. And to his credit has not yet touched anything else.

I am exasperated, but clean him. Wash hands. Wash his hands. Clean his nails. Wash my hands again. Then I rush back. The little one is pooping too. Brothers in unision. I clean him. Wash my hands.

Babe said ‘My underpants are difficult to put on’ which means that they have in some way become twisted. I help him. Wash hands.

Then pick up the babe who spits up on me. Clean it. Then wash hands.

Try to nurse the baby. He pretends to sleep and refuses to latch. Babe wants a book to be read. I try to burp the babe – which I have become better at, thanks to Indrani’s tip. Babe is still fussy, so I hold him over my shoulder and read to the babe.

One more pandemonium dealt with. Any suggestions for overwashed hands?

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  1. Yasmin

    Hi khushi,
    You can try using a gentle cleanser with added moisturizers for washing hands, or use a glycerine soap (like Pears.
    Use tepid water for washing hands, hot water dries out the skin.
    Keep a lotion next to the sink, and use it after washing your hands.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Khushi

    Thanks for the tips, Yasmin. I will try them. Good idea on the glycerine soap and tepid water. I keep forgetting the lotion.

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