Lohri Festival – Happy Lohri to all!

Happy Lohri! Lohri is a festival celebrated in the North of India, which celebrates the harvesting of rabi crops ( or fall/winter crops) in India. This time Lohri is on the 13th, which is Sunday. I started celebrating Lohri once we moved to Delhi – and I remember it for the big warm fire on the usually chilly Delhi night around this time where we would gather and throw muri or puffed rice into the fire. Apparently, it is also about fertility, so its quite important for pregnant moms or those wanting to have babies. If I remember correctly, moms celebrate too, specially those with newborn kids. I also remember new brides resplendant in their sari and jewelry (dont we all need more occasions to display those!). People eat jaggery (gur) and til. I never liked til, but everyone had some til sweets.

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  1. Ann Mitch

    That is interesting. I had only heard of Deewali as a hindu festival

  2. Priya

    I have never heard about Lohri..I am from South so I am not familiar with most of the North Indian festivals.Thanks for the info

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