Lookout for the silver lining

Life is all about challenges, so it seems at times. Facing hardships, coming to terms with reality and then gathering the strength to move on with life. Today is one of those days when I’m missing my Dad a lot and just wished he was just a phone call away. Could just pick up the phone and talk to him for hours end. But well reality bites and at times hard. My dad always said when you are feeling in the dumps, look around and you’ll find strength from people around you who have probably gone through worse.
Every now and then I question God why did he take my father away, so early so soon? He was not so old and he was so looking forward to seeing his grandchildren grow up. And then I came across this neighbour, let’s call her Michelle. She is one of the wonderful human being who never forgets to greet with a warm smile. Apparently she lost her father after a long battle fighting cancer and then just prior to that her daughter was diagnosed with a tumour in the brain. Thankfully her daughter recovered with numerous visits to the hospital and surgeries. But throughout this ordeal she survived and put up a brave front.
Every now and then I crib regarding my son not eating well, at times not behaving so well in public. But when I look around, I thank God from the bottom of my heart that at least he is healthy. He doesn’t have any of those ailments that happen to children of his age which have become so common off late. He is sweet in his own ways, caring and gentle towards people he is fond of. I complain when my husband is travelling for long. But well at least he has a job in these days of global recession and he is coming back to me even if at times it’s in the wee hours of morning.
I moved to Singapore with a lot of resentment leaving my family and friends behind. But at least I have a very loving family beck home that I can call and count upon for anything, any time. That’s a huge blessing. I have three loving sisters with whom I have never felt the time or distance to be a barrier. I have a very loving sister in law (my husband’s elder brother’s wife) who is a friend, a sister, a confidant and much more. I don’t even need to tell them I am feeling low, they know it from my ‘hello’
My father always said ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ but at times we get so overwhelmed with the cloud looming above us that the silver lining gets blurred. Its time I look for that lining whenever faced with a difficult situation or when I am in a bad mood as I am today.

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  1. Rashi

    Wonderful post, broght tears to my eyes. You will miss him forever, Indrani, but what you are doing now is exactly what you should be doing. Thank you for being so brave and inspiring. Sending you wishes.

  2. indrani

    Dear Rashi, thanks a lot for the encouragement and wishes. It meant a lot to me.

  3. Khushi

    I was very touched by this. Gratitude – another expression of silver lining – is something I am just begining to practice. I believe it really is a way out of stress and pain. Indrani, I am sure your father is enjoying every word you write and the observations you make. I know it is not a substitute for a phone call, never can be. Do something to get out of the mood – a movie perhaps or something unexpected like a face mask. Sometimes these little things help. Lots of love.

  4. PHOI

    I have always practised this and it truly works. I have always rationalized with me when I am feeling low through either
    a. believing that its temporary. my mom used to say that if good times didnt last so wont the bad times; or b. fight for good times. life is a battle to collect joyous memories. Only the ones who have the will to fight (not necessarily the strength) and want it bad enough get it. but then after all we find our own peace. hope you find yours, somewhere close.

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