Maka powder ???

Hi everybody

The other day I was wondering about in the Indian section of a Farmer’s market and I saw a powder called Maka powder. Apparently it helps with hair loss . Does anybody have any idea what this powder is ? I am pretty desperate to try anything that might help with my hair loss. After having two children it seems the whole chemistry of my body has changed. Whatever used to work once upon a time seems to have no effect now .


  1. Seema P

    Zeenia, I used this once. Here in UK we get it from a branded company. In just one time, it was Ok, I did not see any dramatic rezults. But you can try other brands. Have you though of Shehnaz Hussain products? I liked her neem cleanser very much, instead of shampoo which made me lose a lot of hair. One precaution would be to use a branded product just to be safe. After having my kids, I had a lot of loss too but reducing sweets in my diet and taking a multi vitamin helped me.

  2. Smitha

    I have never heard about this powder.Do you know what its made of?

  3. Khushi Mommy

    I have not heard of Maka. But, this is kind of stinky, but I had an aunt who had lost a lot of hair and swears by it (she does look better now). Use small onions (she said the kind you use for sambar)and make a juice. Apply and keep for an hour. Do every week for at least a month. You should see rezults. Let me know.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi. I have used this and it did not work as well for me. Butbody is different for everybody and it may work for you

  5. zeenia

    Wow !! so many responses. Thanks guys. Smitha, it is made out of only Maka (name of the stuff that they made powder of) . And Khushi mommy , here is a Qustion for u – After tolerating the onion juice for an hour , do I get to shampoo my hair or just rinse it off with water ? I would definitely try the neem cleanser 🙂

  6. Khushi Mommy

    I checked – shampoo it off. Actually, keep it for as long as you can tolerate (at least an hour) and then shampoo off.

  7. Marjorie Khanna

    hello. I am curious if you have tried any of these treatments and have seen any results.

  8. zeenia

    I did use the yogurt egg and maka powder concoction . I can feel a difference with the hair texture ( it is softer )and the hair loss seems to be less. I have not been brave enough to try the onion juice yet.Might try this weekend and let you know.

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