Maternity shopping-Jealous?

When I had my son 7 years back(wow!!! time does go fast) I had lot of trouble finding cute maternity dresses/shirts/pants.. There was only a small section in most of the stores or some stores had none. I used to get  couple of larger size of the shirts I used to wear.

Now, when I had my girl 3 years back it was completely different. There were some new stores and most of the stores had a section dedicated to maternity. Also the styles were really flattering and little expensive. I think somebody found the niche to this whole market. Maybe it was due to lot of hollywood hot pregnant mamas.

Last weekend when I went shopping on Target this pregnant lady was wearing a beautiful dress .Her dress was so pretty that it was better than my plain dress 🙂 In that tiny moment I wished I was pregnant so that I could wear hers and looked at my shopping cart.. My 2 kids were  fighting over a sunscreen. My girl had opened the my new sunscreen and put it all over her hair and was trying to put it on her brother..which ofcourse he didnt want!!!!Screaming and fightingfollowed.She put sunscreen on her eyes during this episode.Her eyes started to itch..I had to take her to the restroom to wash it off…

OK..I then erased my wish…I dont want to be pregnant..I dont know how I will manage 3 kids…Maybe I will go and do some shopping this week in some nice stores and get some pretty ,cute dresses….

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    Good one, Pry. I love this post.

  2. Ano

    This is a cool post. I think of a third kid all th etime and then decide against it because of exactly the same reason

  3. Pry

    Thanks guys..Glad you enjoyed it…

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