Mator shuti(pea)kachoori with Alu Dom

Valentines Day is around the corner. So I thought of sharing a special delicacy to you all which is very common but really delicious dish among West Bengal people.

Mator Shutir kachuri(Pea kochuri)


To make Matorshuti or pea kachuri you have to be prepared to get some of the things–

Green chilli
fried coriander powder
salt, sugar to taste
Moida(all purpose flour)
Kneade the moida with pinch of salt, warm water and 4 table spoon of oil
boil and blend the pea with 4 green chillies
Put some oil in the wok,
Add hing(a pinch)
add the blended pea, put salt and sugar to taste
before taking out from the wok,spread some fried cumin powder over the pea pur
 How to make the kachori
make balls from the dough(moida)
roll like a puri
put the pur of peas
roll with rolling pin like puri
add oil to the wok, after the oil gets heated, give the puri in the oil,
it will get deep fry like balls
fry one by one
keep it in a bowl
Pea kachuri is ready to eat
Alu dom

Matorshutir kachori always go hand in hand with Alu r dom
Potatoes-500 gm
onion ginger paste- as per taste
red chilli powder
poppy seed paste(posto bata)1 tablespoon
yogurt-2 -3 spoon
salt sugar
coriander leaf to taste
Boil the potatoes
put oil in the wok
Sprinkle jeera(cumin) in the oil and put bayleaf for a good aroma

Mix the onion, ginger paste
mix chilli powder
fry little bit
then add potatoes(cut into halves)
cook for some time
add poppy seed paste
fry for some time
when you see it is almost cooked ,add yogurt
cook for some time
the whole thing will be a gravy
sprinkle a handful of raisin
add salt and sugar to taste
before taking from the wok, garnish with coriander leaf
decorate in a bowl!
Serve hot with Matorshutir kachuri

Enjoy with your family in Valentines Day..

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  1. Sarmila

    This is my real favorite food.. I will make this and let you know.. thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful recipes..

  2. Khushi

    My all time favorite. This is a great idea. The alu dom recipe is mouth watering. I will try this weekend.

  3. Yasmin

    Wow…I used to love eating the pea kachuri at one of my (bengali)friend’s home in JNU…this also brings back so many childhood memories. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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