Me and my boss…lady boss

“I work for a woman boss”…this sentence can evoke strong emotions.
At least for me, they did, when I was working for a woman boss…let me clarify the statement, “I work for a single 30-something woman boss”…. I think there’s something about single, professional women getting on the side of 30’s that brings out the worst in them.

Here’s what I mean – so I was working for this woman who was in her early 30’s who came to work looking great in every sense – she clearly spent 30 mins everyday in the morning blow-drying those perfect curls in her bleach-blond hair (and there was no apparant hair out of place because a harried toddler pulled them), her dresses showed no signs of any infant spit-up’s, wrinkles from a crying baby holding on to the skirt during morning drop-offs, and her lunches comprised carrots and yogurt!

When you see your boss eating carrots and yogurt and all it reminds you of is the lunch you packed your toddler, U’VE GOT TROUBLE! It means that your worlds simply don’t cross paths anywhere in the whole-wide galaxy. As a woman gets into her 30’s, there is this mighty-human urge in her to find a good guy, mate, and make babies before those eggs stop ovulating.

All seems good but for the fact that some women simply can’t find the Mr. right and the pressure from the progressing b’days ends up diverting all their aspirations into a psychological phenomenon called denial and rationalization…. in lay person’s terms, a single-professional-30-something-woman who isn’t finding the right man will devote all her energies into her work…the logic, “if I can’t have him, I’ll have a promotion”, seems perfectly logical to this fanatic woman. Btw, this logic is true for men at all times, irrespective of their age…

And your boss goes about chanting a mantra to all and sundry about being single, successful and happy…so then why do you get this feeling that your being married, successful, and harried-but-mostly-happy demeanear brings out unhappiness in your boss?

Therein lies the rub….I couldn’t figure it out. So I switched and decided to work for a male boss. So far, so good. Whether my blatant and unabashed stereotyping is true, only time will tell….even then this is only my own experience….wonder what others have to say about it?

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  1. Lisa

    Wouldn’t the same go for a married male boss and a male employee? I dont think I can totally agree with the theme.

  2. Maya

    Hey Lisa…

    Yes you are right about men doing similar things…the only differences are that men might behave this way all their lives with one exception – which is now widely accepted as the mid-life crisis! So you might find men who have been inconsiderate to your work-life balance issues suddenly becoming passionate about it or losing interest in the “rat-race” to start a career in something as bizzare as organic-flower-cultivation….
    How have your experiences been?

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