Me V/S Me

When I first stepped onto the plane from India I had no clue what America had to offer me.” The land of opportunities” they call it. Here I was with my husband on a 16 hr long trip to the United States of America. With dreams in my eyes and excitement of starting a new life I almost forgot what I was leaving behind. I forgot both my mother and my motherland. I was watching this movie, ” A diary of Anne Frank”. Anne a young girl in hiding with her family from the Nazis during the second World War. In her diary she described how trapped she felt in that small house and was waiting for the war to get over.After 2 yrs of being in the US, Well I sometimes ask my self. When will my war with USCIS get over. Little did I know about being on an H4 visa being a DEPENDENT. Leaving behind a flourishing career and my most priced asset my parents I flew into this prison. I am a bird whose wings are chopped by circumstances. I sometimes feel like writing a letter to the USCIS every single day. But then I say “Wait!!!, your Greencard is filed” Thats the reason I say Me v/s Me. Here I am facing a Me v/s Me every single day. How many out there feel the same? I have finally decided to take up studies. But Wait!!! Arghhh again, Yes again. its not that easy hun!! You gotta give GRE, TOEFL inspite of holding an Engg degree and a Master’s. Oh yes!! I said ok, I can do that. But Wait!!! Its not all that simple. Then u change from H4 to F1. I said alrite I can do that. Oh no honey!! Wait up now your greencard is filed so you cannot go to India because if you do, you will have to go for your F1 stamping and hey that’s risky!! You tell me what should I do?? What all have I not tried, Volunteer jobs, SAP training, reaching out to desi consultants, applying to tons of companies but my fault is that I am on H4. WOW!!! Amazing. America has taught me one thing if not all… The value of Citizenship. What it means to be a citizen of any country. The rights you earn by birth are very difficult to be earned otherwise. We seldom take these things for granted. Learn to love your nation.


  1. Khushi

    Hey Jia, great post. We were on an editorial holiday but are back now, and love the me vs. me perspective. Not till I moved here did I learn to appreciate things about a democracy I took for granted. Hold on! It does get better.

  2. Indrani

    Hi Jia, I agree with Khushi on democracy. As no where else in the world will you find a woman, sitting right opposite the White House for anti Bush demonstration for 4 years, without the fear of being killed or man handled. Also America gives second chances and to make it big one doesn’t necessarily need fancy degrees from Ivy League colleges. Think about it, one of the world’s most successful companies (Apple) was co founded by a college drop out (Steve Jobs) and so is the most popular social network site (Facebook) by Mark Zuckerberg. Hang in there, it just gets better from here.

  3. Jignasha

    @ Khushi: Hey Khushi, Thank you for your response and encouragement. Everyday I learn something new and I may take small steps but am definitely moving forward in the right direction. You will be happy to know I am starting University next spring, hence am excited. Will keep u updated 🙂

    @ Indrani: Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. This is what really keeps me going. !!

  4. Hi Jia,

    nice post. Hows life in US now?

    I might be moving to Atlanta soon, this post really helped me to know what to expect. Do you think things have changed over years?

    – bindu

  5. Lakshmi


    Well i actually was relieved looking at your post. T’was almost talking my heart out. I ain’t experiencing a cultural drift but the main concern is the feel of being left alone. I’ve already started shredding down my world into the apartment i live in. I sense that i need to get out of the house once a while “alone” but that moment never happens. God knows why ! But i ain’t giving up, so this is me seeking out for streaks of hope. Hope i get out of it soon.

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