Midnight Conversations with the nursing mom

Day 5, 1: 52 am

Dad, bent over a tiny diaper: ‘He has pooped’

Mom: (Delighted): ‘Oh thats wonderful’

1: 54 am

Mom (concerned) : ‘Is it seedy? Is it mustardy?’

Dad: ‘Mmmm..I see a few seeds’

Mom : ‘But is it mustardy?’

Dad : ‘No’

Mom: ‘He’s not getting enough milk! Lets bring out some formula. He is hungry!’

Dad: ‘Lets hold off’

2: 10 am, mid feed

Mom :’ Well, at least he pooped, thats a good sign’

Dad : Snore

Mom : ‘Was it yellow?’

Dad: Snore

Mom: ‘Wake up! Was it yellow?’

Dad : ‘No…green, you can check, I did not throw the diaper yet’

Mom : ‘What! you have a newborn and didnt throw the diaper!’

Dad : Snore

Mom: ‘he is not getting enough milk!’


Ok, so last time nursing was not smooth sailing for me from the start, though it turned out to be one of my best decisions. This time though I was confident I would flow into the role like a well oiled milk machine.

I had so forgotten the strange and unique tensions of the first few weeks of nursing a newborn.

To add to the general confusion, here are some exalting standards of new born poop  to show the baby is getting enough milk

La Lache League: 2 to 5 poops a day

American Association of Pediatrics : 4, quarter sized poops a day

What to expect the first year: 5 large seedy, mustardy yellow poops a day

Baby’s dad: Only wet diapers matter

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  1. Tana

    I think this post is hilarious and rather poetic actually. One doesn’t think of poop poetically, but somehow it is! 🙂

  2. malini

    it was great fun reading this post and made me remember those first few weeks of my new-born – malini

  3. smitha

    Good one!! I likes babys dads comment..

  4. khushi

    Poetic! I reread it – i am flattered. Malini, ya I think I had forgotten this first part of mommyhood. Smitha, I will tell dad 🙂

  5. joysree

    funny and knowledgeable

  6. Indrani

    A hilarious post. I remember my first few weeks with my son was somewhat like that.

  7. Khushi

    Thank you Joysree and Indrani. yes, it does bring back the first time though I thought I would be an expert by now!

  8. Anonymous

    I liked this one..It sure was funny

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