Migraine and its remedy

Hello,  back again with a very common complications  but a serious illness that affects to lot of people . Migraine ranks in the top 20 of the world’s most disabling medical illnesses. It is also a public health issue with serious social and economic consequences.

Studies showed that womens are much more affected to migraines than men, it is related to changes in hormone levels that occur during the time of menstrual cycle. This hormone related migraine is called the Menstrual migraine.


1. Migraine may persist upto 72 hrs or longer, it may become severe sometimes, and occur frequently. It sometimes occur with nausea and vomiting. This symptom is often described as pounding or throbbing.

2.Sensitivity to light, noise , strong odors

3. Blurred vision

4. Stomach upset, abdominal pain, loss of appetite,sensative of being hot and cold

5. Paleness, fatigue, dizziness

6.Bright flashing dots or lights, blind spots

7. Wavy or jagged lines, this symptom is known as AURA.


There is a connection between diet and headache migraines. Some foods can start the migraine reaction, though not technically allergy, these foods can cause something like a reaction when it comes to migraine. There are some common foods which can be avoided. A good nutritious diet in general will help fight this problem.Research being done into the connection between diet, digestion and migraine.

                       Foods to Avoid: Top offenders

Cheese (except cottage, farmer’s, ricotta, and cream cheese)

Alcohol(red wine is the worst because it include Tanin)

Caffeine drinks


Cold cut meats like Salami(it contains 125mg/100gm  of Tyramine)

{Tyramine is an Amine found in many foods, produced from the natural breakdown of amino acid Tyrasine}

Gravy and soup mixes ( these contain hydrolyzed protein)

Soy beans, Italian green beans


Nuts(specially peanuts)

Yeast (bread and sour dough)

Soy sauce(contains Tyramine) [0.941mg/ml]

Foods that include Tanin- Tea, black walnuts, alcohol, vanilla, raspberry, most herbal products.

                       Eat in moderation :

Everything. Avoid sudden drastic changes in the diet like cutting all caffeine or suddenly eating large amounts of peppermint.All foods should be eaten in a measured amount.

                 Headache fighting foods:

Small amount of peppermint, cayenne pepper, ginger, ginger roots. Ginger Ale is a common remedy for the migraine patient. Fish(fresh) , fish oil, calcium rich foods like spinach, broccoli, kale, magnesium rich foods[310-420mg daily]include dark green leafy vegetables, milk, wheat germ, green beans. Magnesium rich food also include banana but there is an WARNING to eat this fruit,because to some people it is a Major Migraine Trigger…So be Cautious always.

            Self Help Measure:

 Take it easy.

Stay hydrated (don’t drink too much at once)

Avoid food odors

Eat bland foods (sometimes oils and spices are a real shoot out!)

When you think that migraine may attack any moment, try to eat a HEALTHY snack right away.

There are also some foods that may help your Serotonin levels(it is a Neorotransmitter, low levels of serotonin have been linked to migraine and lot of other complications).

{Serotonin are rich in turkey, black eyed beans, almonds, sesame}

Sometimes trigger may occur in onion or fortified white flour or foods with Tyramins or Tannins– these should be kept in mind who has the migraine headache.

            Whatever you do, remember that what you put in your mouth matters, if not today, tomorrow or in future years.Make smallwise decisions and find a delicious variety of food you can enjoy.

A diet for migraine sufferers doesn’t have to be a bore!..

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  1. Khushi

    Thank you, very vaulable as headaches and migraines are common and intense problems

  2. Thank u, i am knowing many things from you….

  3. Tana

    Thank you, Sarmila. I am a severe migraine sufferer and this helps me a lot.

  4. Pry

    I have severe migrane too..I thought hot tea or coffee will make it better..atleast for me something hot works..Plus I have to be in a dark room with no noise…Most of the time, I will throw up and after that I will be fine.

  5. sarmila.basu

    thank you for your coments, if you need any more uggestions please feel free to ask me..

  6. Indrani

    Hi Sarmila
    sorry for the delay in sending this comment, but you have truly helped me. I have migraine and I have got to know so many of the triggers that I never took care of. Thanks once again.

  7. Sarmila

    indrani, u r very welcome, if you need some more advices, let me know, you can email to my personal address, i can reply you..


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