Mom in Question – Apoorva

Apoorva JhaName: Apoorva

Profession: Company Finance

Kids: One girl- 8 months old

Born and brought up: New Delhi

What did you find most interesting about the US when you came here?

The lack of bureaucracy! 

How is studying here different than in India?

There is more attention on overall development than just stress on studies. This was true at least in our times!

Is working here different than in India? Which do you like more?

I have not really done a corporate job in India so I can’t compare but I have heard that there is more professionalism here. Though I will say that I miss having Indians around!

What did you find most surprising about your birth experience here?

Nothing really- it was as I expected. It was a very pleasant experience though dealing with Insurance at times was might annoying. That was the last issue I needed being pregnant or a new first time mommy!

What’s been the biggest challenge in terms of being a parent so far?

That I haven’t been able to get her to take the bottle. She used to do very well with the bottle till she turned 3 months & decided that the bottle wasn’t for her. She is 8 now, has been in day care full- time since December & still does very poorly with the bottle. I don’t think she is comfortable at the day care & the day care is at my work & is excellent!

What are you enjoying the most about being a mom?

I really enjoy being a mother & I don’t think I can single out one thing that I like- her tiny hands & feet, kissable cheeks, smile- pretty much everything!

What do you miss most about India?

Family, friends & chole bhature 🙂

Do you miss the glamour of your career as a model and actress?

Not so much but it was lots of fun while it lasted. I am at a different phase of life now & I reminisce about it fondly but not really miss it.

Three things you would do to change the world?

That is a pageant question & one of the reasons I didn’t go for one! I don’t think I can change the world.  I just try being a fair person in my daily life.

The one thing I have never understood is crimes- be it theft or murder. How do I change that?

Fun activities you do with your daughter?

Reading her books & hugging & sleeping with her! She is getting to an age where I can do more stuff with her than just cuddling.

Fun activities you do for yourself?

So far, I spend most, if not all of my free time with my baby. Understand though that I do not have much free time as I am a working mom.

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  1. Khushi

    Apoorva, good to see you here. Was just remembering you playing TT – I thought that would be what you do in your spare time, maybe 🙂 You know, about the bottles, it is tough to go through that, but see if you can get her to eat more milk based solids such as yogurts. My first one survived on that for the first year and half pretty much.

  2. Nice to get to know you:) I so miss my boys’ baby days…enjoy every moment, it’s not so much about quantity of time you spend with them as much as it is about quality.

  3. rajvi

    Apoorva – Welcome to Bloggermoms. Enjoy the special time with your baby girl. It goes by in a blink.

  4. Priya

    Welcome!! Glad to know you more 🙂

  5. Chandana

    Welcome to the community Aporva. WOW!! U were a model and an actress? Would love to know that side of you more.

  6. Tana

    Hi Apoorva, Welcome and great to know you a bit! I really enjoyed and appreciated your comment: “I try being a fair person in my daily life.” Everyone who is interested in changing the world focuses on changing others or things external to oneself, but you’ve hit upon an important truth – changing oneself is the ONLY (and hardest) thing we can really do to change the world. Thank you!

  7. Vishal

    Hey Apoorva, remember me? This is Vishal from USC.

  8. nirvyom

    i want to chat with u apoorva jha.

  9. Ravi

    u r more smarter than Deepika

  10. Apoorva

    Who is this poor Deepika?

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