Mom in Question – Monika


Mom in question Monika

Profession: IT

Kids:  Tisha (7) , krish (3)

Born and brought up in: India

Currently base in: India

Countries lived in: USA, India

Cultures in my life: Indian, American  


What did you find most interesting about living and working in the US?

I lived and worked in US for almost 9 years and thoroughly loved and enjoyed my stay. Very impressed with the infrastructure, discipline and work etiquettes.

It was a wonderful experience with multitudes of great memories.

For me, the work atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable, the hours were very flexible. People in US work with great attitude, work ethic and abilities.


Did you work in India or anywhere else before coming to the US? What did you find different after going back?

I worked in India for a year as a Computer Teacher.  It’s an entirely different feeling when you teach little kids. I loved it


What surprised you about your birth experience in the US?

When they allowed my husband in the delivery room !!


When you returned to India after a few years in the US, what were some of the things which struck you as being new or different or surprising?

New – Saw Big Shopping Malls !!

Different and Surprising – Even in India life has become very fast . Earlier the interaction with neighbors used to be very informal , but not any more.


What makes life interesting while raising multicultural kids?

Kids get to know the best of both the cultures.


Festivals you celebrate?

Diwali, Lohri, Holi, Navratri, ThanksGiving, Christmas ..


Three things you would do to change the world?

Wipe out Terrorism,

Wipe out Corruption,

Stop Hunger and give best education possible to everyone.


What do you enjoy doing with your kid?

I love to read bed time stories,  play tag , go shopping with my daughter, play hide & seek .


What do you enjoy doing for yourself?

Watch Bruce Willis Movie and GH . 

And ofcourse, Shopping !!






Name: Monika Jethi







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  1. Khushi

    Monika, great to know more about you!

  2. Jane

    Beautiful picture!

  3. Anonymous

    I like Bruce Willis too! Can someone tell me what is GH?

  4. Nice Pic..Monika.Did I take that one? I must have :-)Miss you guys!!!

  5. Indrani

    I am so sorry…. completely missed this post. Lovely pic Monika. Welcome to Bloggersmom

  6. monika

    GH is “General Hospital” Soap.

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