Mom in Question – Roma


Name: Roma Saha

Profession: Homemaker 

Kids:  2 boys in Nebraska and California 

Born and brought up in: India

Currently base in: 6 months in the US and 6 months in Kolkata

Countries lived in: USA, India

Cultures in my life: West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura



How would you describe the various cultures in your life?

I was born in Agartala, Tripura and grew up in Manipur, Meghalaya and Assam. I did my schooling in Dumduma, Assam and studied in Tinsukia college.After marriage, my husbands work led us to West Bengal.


Assamese culture is very warm, welcoming and easy going. People welcome you into their homes and treat you as their own. My training is in that culture and people often ask me if I grew up there. We chose Kolkata to settle in for work and education. And in Kolkata we live in Salt Lake, as it is more peaceful and has less noise and pollution.


When did you first come to the US and why?


I first came to the US in 2004 to be with my sons who were both settling here.


What did you find most interesting about the US?


I was surprised by the houses in California – they looked like magazine pictures, attractive and with no dust! I also liked the fall colors – yellow, red, green. There were flowers by the roadside and the colors were not dulled by any dust.


Also interesting was that people would say hi if you walked pass them but conversation never progressed beyond that.


Things you like about being in the US and things you don’t.


I love that I am with my sons when I am here – that I am close to them. My journey coming here is exciting and relaxing as I know I will be close to them. The way back is tough.


The flip side to that is the loneliness – there is no one around my age, and after the boys leave for work, there is no one to chat with. Also everyone is busy – you have to call people before you go to visit and neighbors have no time to stop in.


What is a typical day for you like?

On weekdays, my sons usually leave after breakfast and I do some cooking, watching TV or surfing the internet. Lunch is usually simple, but I cook them dinner. Weekends we may visit a friend or friends may come over to taste home cooking. We also take weekend trips and trips during holidays to places around the cities my sons stay in.


What are some of the changes you have noticed in the US and in India over the last few years?


Not so much change in the US but in West Bengal, change is happening fast. The roads have lanes and markings like the US. There are high speed cameras and traffic control. There are also big shopping malls in India.


Things you like and things you miss when in the US?

I miss having people to talk to and driving. I drive in India and my hands itch to drive in the beautiful roads here.


I love cooking for my boys and seeing their happy face when they come home and see their mom here.



Reading books, cooking, chatting.

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