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Hola! I usually write about mom lessons – lessons stay at home or working moms can do with their kids. My neighbors gave me a great idea for a post – this one is about multicultural dresses for kids. Have you considered dressing your children in anything beyond shorts, skirts, shirts and whats maybe traditional in your country? I am not talking about Halloween and fancy dress, though both of those occasions are fine to try out new types of clothes. Also, this may not work with older kids.

But.. when you are playing dress up with them, or just spending a lazy, rainy afternoon at home, why not try dresses from the world? If you have a girl, (and I say that only because their clothes are easier to put  together and they are more adventurous in dressing), you can even try to venture out in an outfit you have concocted together.

There are many dimensions to multicultural dressing – and you can take it slow or fast as per your taste. I think starting with colors is a great way.

Choose which countries you want for the month Рsay China. Begin with a trip to the library (I know I say that always!). The kids sections have good books Рmaybe you can even find one on garments of the world. The adult section too, has great books on fashion from around the world. Look at the pictures together. Google clothing, traditional dresses etc for that country. Browse through the pics, and you may find things which appeal to you. Cut paste some pics into a word doc. Or browse with your kids. You may also find accessories, jewelry etc. Discuss the differences.  Ask your kids what they like, not like, what they find different. Note the colors in prominence. Your reading may tell you the significance of some colors Рred being the color of celebration etc. Discuss the colors.

Also, to tone it down, search the newspapers of the country. Wikipedia again has a list. Go to one or two to check out the clothes in daily life so that our poor kids dont get biased that everyone in that country wears gorgeous dresses.

If you like, you can maybe go to a Cost Plus or a local shop for the kind of dresses you saw – if you have places in your town frequented by people of a culture, this may be a nice trip. Say China town in San Francisco. Also, ask friends, colleagues and neighbors for dresses from their country which you may borrow to look at.

And then, identify pieces your child may have with patterns and colors of that country. Or piece together something from scarfs, sheets, pins, your jewelry, hats etc to reflect what you learnt. Maybe you end up buying something – mostly not! If you are good with the needle (I am not) you may have something you can wear outside. Or just inside the home.

Try it, its fun. I think it also opens their minds to pretty things from around the world which I kind of think is the point. Let me know what you think – and if you have any pics.

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  1. Anonymous

    Good ideas, Dora. I do a lot with turbans and my kids. They have fun. Sometines we make crowns and jewelry from glitter paper.

  2. Khushi

    My son loves looking at Indian dresses and sometimes wearing them. But I havent tried clothes from other countries. I am sure he will like it. We have a chinese umbrella he loves.

  3. Dora Dress up Games

    Thanks for your information. Most of the posts in the blog is really valuable.

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