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Hi. I write about mom lessons – activities moms can do with their kids for fun and education. All this month I have been writing about making it multicultural – or doing multicultural activities that adds flavor to your kids education. By Malini’s fabulous tempura recipe, I got inspired and thought why not add a twist to cooking together. There has been much talk about the benefits of cooking together, especially with picky eaters. Well, why not add to the benefit by bringing in an international angle.

Maybe begin by choosing an international week menu in your house. Daycares and preschools routinely celebrate different countries so why not at home. You can go all out with it or less, just as you choose.

For the week : You can have a mexican day, an asian day, an Indian day, an Italian day, an American day or whichever country meets your fancy. Add one the mom knows nothing about to make it fun for you too. For me it was a Russian day! Make it a regular occurence every three months and choose the rarer ones to make it more exciting.

Sit with your kids and plan the menu in advance. You know, it does not need to be anything very new or exotic unless your kids are adventurous eaters. My philosophy is that talking through things is what makes it different. Keep the menu flexible.

You know I wrote about what fun and educational talking about food and a trip to your grocery store can be.

Well, this time stroll your farmers market for the country aisles – say Mexican and Asian or German and pick what fits your menu and fancy. Pick an imported treat. There are great imported candies and cakes now. Check out the packaging on the containers. The suggested sides. The lettering on the cans. Better still Google if you have a grocery store from that country near you. I had a lot of fun in an Arabic store.

Well then when you are back, revisit the menu. Google what you are cooking – even simple things like quesadilla and burritos yield a lot of cool info. (I did not know wikipedia had recipes 🙂 and that quesadilla means small cheesy thing – yum!). Discuss it with your kids. Show some images.

Then on that day go over what you learnt as you cook. Involve them. Hand them the cheese to add or the toppings to choose for the burrito. Keep the special treats for all as you cook. Maybe add a guacamole or salsa or some such things which uses veggies from those countries. Veggies now have labels so you can also know where they come from.

Going all out? Maybe add in some decor items. And in dire extreme laziness attacks 🙂 do what my dear friend does – order takeout from that country.

Dont forget to take snaps and display. Or watch your cooking video together. Thats what the schools do.

Do let me know your mom lessons in the comments. You can register here for occasional updates on mom lessons and other topics.

Have a great weekend!

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    Great Ideas!

  2. Dora

    Thank you, Yasmin.

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