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Just wanted to continue the ‘Mom lesson’ series. On activities moms can do with their children at home or after work which equals what preschools can do. And I was thinking this is a good one – following the path of food. I had heard from a friend that when his four year old was asked ‘Where does milk come from?’ he said ‘From bottles’. And thats what triggered this whole exercise.

Now I only did this for vegetarian food.

Pick a favorite food – say milk. Or let them choose. Milk is easy too since so many kids books cover farms etc. Then tell your kids – hey kids, this week we will find out where and how milk comes from.

  • So we of course open the fridge and examine the milk bottle in detail, reading out names and trying to explain labels (worth a shot!).
  • Then off we go to the food store. And I ask them – Where’s the milk? And we hunt the dairy department, mostly they know where it is anyway. We find our brand of choice, but then look for more, asking questions. Why are yogurt, cheese and butter near the milk? Oh, they all come from it. Do you see how many rows of milk bottles are there even after we pick up one. Where do you think this shelf leads to? That is interesteing, peering through dark holes in the shelves
  • If you have a nice dairy manager, they may give you a peek in the back, but if not, you can maybe see workers replacing items from carts, or sometimes through open areas sneak a peek at the large warehouse/storage at the back of the store. This is often easier in farmers markets where things are more revealed
  • Once you have shown the crates, drive around to the back of the store. If you are in luck, and you probably will be, there will be trucks there! Explain what they are for and how they come from the farms ( I skipped the entire food chain in between farm and store, but maybe you can go there)
  • Then head to the library for a book on farms or maybe one of your books show cows, farms and trucks. You will be amazed at how much more curious they will be
  • Some local farms allow visits, maybe you can do one.
  • I even covered cow diets, grass grazing etc, but you decide on that
  • I found it interesting to then make things with the milk – and explain how yogurt etc are made.

You can follow the same chain for many other food items. Let me know what you all think or if you try it.

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