Mom Lessons – Your car!

I wanted to continue the series we have on Mom lessons – lessons moms can give their kids at home over what they are getting in preschool or instead of. Kids have great fun with this and its very educational for

You know how interested kids are in cars, and most importantly, your car!!! Well, I started by playing a game with them – guess car makes from seeing the logos of other cars. We identified a few common ones like Honda, Huandai etc, and whether we were on walks, or grocery shopping or driving, we would count the number of cars we saw of a particular brand. We also learnt to name simple car types like Minivan, SUV, sedan etc.

Then as we were cleaning out my car, we started naming the different parts – seat belt, dashboard, windscreen, rear view mirror. Each time we would do just a few parts and we would discuss their use. Soon my kids were begining to learn about the uses of all kinds of cool car gadgets.

Then we went and got some car books from the library to help the case, which we read regularly. These dont need to be serious books. Just books on cars. Like ‘My car’ or some fun books. Even from the Cars Movie.

Came the weekend and after some studying of the manual, I opened the hood and pointed out all the parts inside (as much as I could anyway) and started trying to explain how they worked. It was a lot of fun, and my kids learnt many new words too.

Please tell me some games you like, and if you tried this one.

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  1. winfried

    Hi Dora I do the same thing with my teenage daughter. Here is da car, here r da keys, do not touch da keys and do not take da car.

    I go over and over and over, but I think Im a bad teacher cause she doesnt listen!! hehehe

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