More Indian Baby and Toddler Food Recipes – A complete meal

Since this post got quite a few views, I am adding some more. My earlier post was on Indian and vegetarian baby and toddler food recipes. This one is in the same theme РIndian baby and toddler food, but this one is non vegetarian.  As for any new food, check with your babys doctor before introducing. Here it is, copied from an email from my mom.

A Complete Meal

2 pieces of fish chunks (1 inch square) – In India we use Rohu or carp, but I tilapia or halibut works

1 large carrot

1 potato

2 parmal or4 french beans cut in pices

1 teasp.jeera powder (cuminseed)

1teasp.dhania powder(coriander)

1/4th teasp. Haldi powder (turmeric)

wash the fish pieces thoroughly with water and drain.

Add 1/4th teasp. Salt and 1/4th teasp. Haldi and rub the fish well. So that the fish  is evenly coated with salt and haldi and setaside for atleast 10 minutes.

Clean and cut the vegetables. Wash and drain.

Heat 2 teasp. of mustard oil or any vegetable oil.when the oil is hot lower the flame and put the fishes. After 5 minutes turn the fishes with a flat spatula and wait for another 3 minutes.

Gently take out the fishes and keep in a bowl (preferably in the bowl you want to serve)

In the same pan add the vegetables, the potato first. Toss and turn for a minute or 2.

Add the cumin, coriander powder and a dash of haldi along with 2 tb. spoons of hot water

Add small amount of salt. Turn once or twice so the spices get mixed.

Finally add one cup hot water.put the fishes in the boiling water

Cover and cook in medium flame for 10 minutes or until the fishes are tender and done.

Pour in a bowl.

Serve with plain hot rice.

In this recipe ‘very little oil has been used.for adults u can increase the quantity of oil and also can add some green chillies.

If you have any questions or comments on the recipe, please let me know! Also let me know how it went in the comments. You can also register on this site for periodic updates of recipes and other ideas.

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  1. Priya

    I am going to put some more chilli powder in the fish as my both kids love spicy food.

  2. Wow your site was so helpful thank you, My husband and I love to cook so we are always looking for good idea’s for our self and our children we even share so on our own site if you would like to take a look. I cant waite to try this one of yours tho yummy

  3. Anonymous

    can i gave this to my 1 year old baby

  4. khushi

    this dish is hilarious

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