More kids lunch ideas with a multicultural twist – from the readers

I loved the suggestions I got on the post on ‘Kids lunch ideas with a multicultural twist’. Sometimes the ideas get lost in the comments – so I am listing them here as a kind of part 2. You can read the original comments on the post. What great ideas we have for vegetarian kids lunch ideas

Sudha suggested making some cholle rolls – saying – ‘You can also make a roll with some modified cholle (boiled and cooked chick peas) and onions and garlic and maybe lemon juice. They fall out sometimes so maybe for older kids’

Anonymous suggested ‘Make idlis at home and cut them up into 4 pieces and put chutney on top of it..My son loves it’

Joysree suggested a Mughlai Parantha by ‘if you put the covering over sauted and spreaded egg and just flip it.then add some lemon juice and black pepper crushed and simply will tastelike what we call mughlai paratha .’

Sands suggested ‘My daughter loves any kind of stuffed paranthas, potato, cauliflower,radish,peas,spinach, just about any vegetable works’.

To that great list Freewilly added ‘You could puree some vegetables and make a dough with atta, salt and pepper, make paranthas and keep them in Deep Freeze, roast paranthas when needed. This way the kids get the nutrition of the veges and the it is a wholesome meal too. Clear soups with vegetables cut in fancy shapes also is a good idea for kids.’

Since then we also had a post on the Tiranga Sandwich to refect the Indian Flag.

What a good list to refer to! Do add more suggestions to this. I think I am ready for a month!

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