Most Popular Indian Baby Names

mom and girllChoosing a name with Indian origins for a baby in the US or for a baby who you see (and don’t all moms dream!) of working in an international arena poses an interesting problem.  Other than traditional considerations such as beautiful sound and meaning, or first alphabet or astrological recommendations, we  now you have to look for a name that will be easy on American tongues and whose spelling and pronunciation won’t be butchered too ruthlessly. To help, here is the list of top Indian baby names for the US including both boy names and girl names. If you are going through a dillemma, Khushi debates the issue here.

The list is best on trends we are seeing in the community, as well as the Social Security Adminstration’s list of top baby names for the decade in America.  Scroll below to see the list of Indian names or names that sound Indian, or have Indian meanings in the SSA’s list of top baby names.

Bloggermoms Top 10 List of Most Popular Indian Baby Names for the Decade (Based on SSA’s list and independent research)












Some others which came close: Kabir, Rahul, Arya, Rishi, Aarav, Sanjay








Nisha (Nishi)




Others  which came close to making the top 10: Asha, Arna, Ashna

Below are the lists of the most popular Indian baby boy names and girls names that were featured on the Social Security Administration’s list of top 1000 US baby names based on applications for social security cards. The format used below shows the name and its rank on the list.

Most Popular Indian Baby Boy Names for the decade (From Social Security Administrations’ List of Top Baby names for the Decade)

Devin (83) – Deven (547)

Amir (343)

Jay (352)

Neil (594)

Aryan (774)

Samir (790)

Arjun (803)

Nikhil (824)

Aditya (834)

Pranav (866)

Arnav (970)

Most Popular Indian Baby Boy Names for the decade (From Social Security Administrations’ List of Top Baby names for the Decade)

Maya (79)

Nina (252)

Aniyah (285)

Tara (351)

Hailly (408)

Anya (453)

Ayanna (467) and variations

Anika (524)

Sonia (576)

Aria (681)

Aisha (683)

Chaya (742)

Saniya (756)

Amiya (795)

Kaiya (799)

Raina (811)

Mira (910)

Mina (946)

Anita (990)

Some Indian names like Jasmine appears in many forms and spellings such as Jazmin, Yasmin, on the list but  we don’t see a trend in the community. Some like Hailly (or Hailey) are very popular and have meanings in specific Indian Languages – Hailly means a small wave in Gujarati.

You can access the whole list from SSA here. What do you think? What names are you seeing?

Read Khushi’s dilemma on choosing a name and Maya’s list of baby names here.

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