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childs roomToday is December 16th 2009! Yesterday night Aarohi slept in her room all be herself. It is just heart melting. Till yesterday she needed to hold onto my hair to fall asleep. Of course yesterday as well it was the same. Still soon she won’t even need that. Soon she will be 21 months.
For all these days she was sleeping right next to me, kicking/hugging me through the night. I don’t even remember when it started but she got into habit of holding onto my hair and then only she could sleep. If I turn my side she used to wake up & make sure that I am right there. when she was a baby like 6-7 months she used to suck her left thumb and put her leg in my neck and then only she could sleep. Down the road she has grown up so much. She forgot about thumb sucking… these days she can run, talk, and express what she is feeling. She plays in her room all by herself for longer stretches! All of this is happening so fast. I’m not ready for this. I mean I was the one who took the firm action that it is time for her to start sleeping in her bed and eventually yesterday moved her to her room. But this was the hardest thing I have ever done. I miss her cuddling up with me.
And I guess if the second baby was not due in March 2010 then I would have never taken this route. I just want her to get sound sleep through out the night. When the 2nd one arrives he will keep waking up frequently and that should not disturb her sleep. Moreover if we move her after the baby comes, she will feel so horrible. Just because the baby brother is here now; they are moving me away from mama. I just can’t imagine that abandoned feeling developing in her. I love her so much that sometimes in doubt that whether I will be able to love my 2nd one the same way or not. Everyone is saying that you will be surprised to explore your capability to love equally to both of your children. We will find out about that very soon.
For last couple of months Aarohi was sleeping her bed but just next to my bed. Finally yesterday night I explained her that she will be sleeping in her room and mamma will be right next to her room. Whenever she needs me she can call me and I will be right there. Then I put her in her bed and told her couple of stories. Then said I will seat here until she falls asleep. So she tried to sleep and right after 5 seconds went mamma? Then I assured her I am right here for her but now it’s time to sleep. Then she wanted to use potty  so we went for that with no success. Then we came back and I told her couple of more stories and songs. Then she slept and I came to my room. Right after 3 minutes she just got down from her bed and came running- giggling in my room. I couldn’t help smiling at her. Again the same routine of couple of more stories /songs followed. We did this for few more times. Every time I put her into her bed and told her that I love her very much and I will be right besides her whenever she calls me. Finally after one hour of struggle she dozed off. And surprisingly she is still sleeping soundly. Except from one call she didn’t wake up at all. I kept on checking on her I guess after every one hour or so through the night. But she has found a way to soothe herself and go back to sleep on her own!
We realized today morning that soon it might be the time when she will move out for college and then one day she will get married too. This is just too overwhelming; why do kids grow so fast. How was any of your experience when your kid moved out in her/his room for the night’s sleep?

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  1. Khushi

    Ketaki, welcome baack! We have missed you. First, congratulations on the second baby coming in March. I had the same feelings as you. I thought how will I be able to love another one as much, since I loved my son with all my heart. But you know, the moment my second one came, I loved him deeply. And I realized that I loved them both. Sometimes I feel I am being unfair to one vs. the other but that usually goes away. Ithink you have taken the right decision to put her in her own room before the baby comes. That way she will feel less left out. The journey to sleep in her room will have ups and downs. My son slept well before the baby came but would start running into my room once the baby was here. Its a difficult but neccessary journey, but congrats to Aarohi too, for going through the first night well. They do grow so fast!

  2. Tana

    Ketaki, your post made me tear up. I personally had a very difficult time transitioning into my own bed when I was a little girl … and still remember it like yesterday. Your story of repeated, loving reassurances to your little Aarohi – stories, hugs, I-love-yous … made the little girl in me feel loved and reassured as well. With that much love in you, I wouldn’t doubt yourself about loving your second child, not even for a second! With love, Tana.

  3. Asha

    Ketaki, congratulations on both events. I know you will miss her and all the silly things babies do in the night, but it is a good move for her, so you are doing the right thing. She will need some undisturbed sleep when the baby is here as she may be very tired and cranky anyway, so good to prepare. Buy her a doll or a soft toy to cuddle with and play baby with now befroe your next child is here so that she gets used to cuddling something else.

  4. Ketaki

    Thanks Khush, Tana & Asha for your kind comments. It means a lot to have some encouragement. I feel that motherhood really gets tough many times; so having reassurance from moms like you helps a lot. Thanks much!

  5. rajvi

    Ketaki – Congratulations on the second baby as well as the first successful night of Aarohi sleeping in her own room. Your post was realy hearfelt and it touched my heart. Goodluck with everything and keep writing.

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