My child-birth experience in India

Lately, I have been thinking about the differences in my first pregnancy and the current one…ofcourse, any mom with more than one kids will tell you, no two pregnancies are the same. I had heard that before and now in my second pregnancy, I really KNOW it. Many things are different in terms of my own physiological profile and I’d like to add some on the cultural side as well….between India and US.

 Well, the first thing that hits you in India is a species called your relatives…everyone wants to advise you to have kids the moment you get married….no wonder India’s population has far exceeded the 1 billion mark, one has kids just to get rid of those nosy relatives! And when you are pregnant, you think that should keep everyone at bay….you couldn’t be more wrong. Now start the advises on what to eat, what not to eat, when to sleep, yada yada goes on and on and on.

Anyway, so back in India, I joined a prenatal group – that was the smartest thing I did…here, we mostly focused on yoga and some light weights for upper body strength. It was fun to workout with the instructor and a bunch of other pregnant women. It also helped as Dr. Arora, our instructor was an MD and had advise as both a holistic practitioner as well as a regular physician.

The classes were fun, never too rushed and the pleasant weather of Bangalore always allowed me to walk everyday of my pregnancy…I find it tough to get out of the house here when there’s snow piled up everywhere and no place to walk. Also, you could always have someone in the neighbourhood to watch over your child while you go for a quick 30 mins walk….that is an impossibility here as you need to plan a babysitter to do that. If you live in suburbs and are a working mom, you probably wouldn’t even know your neighbours, as happens in my current situation.

The best part in India is the support you get from your mom or a sister during delivery….my mom came down from Delhi to Bangalore in the last week of my pregnancy and both she and I were taking a nice walk in the morning when I felt my water breaking….we both rushed home and then to the hospital….it was fun having her around as we spent most of our time in the hospital trying to compare my experience with her 2 experiences.

As my contractions increased, my mom was there to give me the perfect back massage ever and that made the pain bearable…my husband also joined in soon and helped time my contractions and focus my breathing as we had learnt together in the lamaaz classes… all in all, it was pretty much as expected so we were relaxed and enjoying the experience.

My labor started around 12pm in the afternoon and our son was born around 8:30pm in the night….looking back, there were things that I could have done then to make it a quicker and less tiring delivery for me…these are things that I am learning in my pre-natal classes here…like I went to the hospital too early and was not mobile because of the IV they had put on me…I should have waited longer before starting to push so I’d have more energy in the end. But all in all, my OB-GYN was so patient and caring, it gave me strength to take it to the last push.

The real struggle started after the baby was born…all the pains of the fourth trimester! that painful episiotomy ensured that I had a grand throne to sit on during my waking hours – an inflated tyre. And who said breast-feeding is the most natural thing to do? It was the most painful experience….oh well, now with my second pregnancy, lets see how I fare this time.

One thing that I am not gonna miss this time is the mommy-fattening diet that I was fed like the million other middle-class new-moms are assaulted with. That’s the fall-out of having “someone” (usually your mom or mom-in-law) helping you with food etc. for the first few weeks post-delivery.

I am making a plan of what I am going to eat….some really cool healthy Indian and Continental meals for new-moms….watch out for those in my next post…

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  1. Ann Mitch

    Now that is interesting. I liked what you said about the fourth trimester and planning for it. I am looking out for the meals you mention.

  2. Priya

    My mom got me some arishtam( health tonic)from India that was full of fat but I didnt have take it..when I am having backpains now my mom blames it on not takin it 🙂

  3. Shobhana

    I am new to US and am expecting in March. I could not find the post you mentioned on Indian and continental meals for new moms. I would like to know these with US ingredients as I have not learnt to use things here much. Please advise.

  4. Anonymous

    Shobhana, Welcome!

    I got down with the flu so couldn’t write them down. Will do so this weekend and post them…


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