My dates with romance

I loved that this week we are talking about love and friendship. Following on Malini and Tana’s posts and Yasmin and Malini’s posts on adding romance back, I wanted to talk about love.

I met my husband when he was still a boy. In school, of course. I had just moved out of Calcutta and an all girls school and a women dominated upbringing. So in some ways I was more vulnerable to cupid. When I first saw him, I wondered ‘Who is that guy’ and I felt an instant connection. Maybe it was love at first sight. But to me it was more a quickening of senses, a fluttering in my stomach feeling at first sight, a sense that there will be more.

The second time I saw him it was in a Mathematics Olympiad. We had been selected to represent our school. And I remember sitting looking over some tough math problem and being acutely aware of the boy next to me. And then he turned to look at me with deep and mesmerizing green eyes and there was that feeling again, a breathlessness, a portend of years to come.

Then for the next two years – call me slow- i did nothing on this. I was a good girl, focused on studies and enjoying every facet of my new school. He was in another section anyway, and our paths never crossed.

But being the good girl as I was at that point, I did nothing on it.  I just focused on establishing myself in my new school and pursuing my interests. And then after our class 10 exams, the school took us on a trek. Through the Himalayas, and for the first time I was closer to him and learning more. Of how he would lead the treks and reach our destination before others, shouldering his bag and that of his girlfriend of the day. Of how cool and handsome he looked in jeans and so on.

I must mention that through all this, he felt nothing. Maybe he got to know me, but there was certainly no reciprocity. At that point, he was a bit of a flirt, a believer in universal love which included anyone who would tell him they ‘loved him’ or give him a valentine.

Then we were in the same section, in Computers. I was flattered that he wanted to sit next to me. I thought this is it. I hunted for double meaning in everything he did but apparently, he had wanted to sit next to me so that he could copy my homework and get me to do his.  And then we were partners for various projects. Over physics and chemistry and countless computer projects, my love grew to something more concrete.  It was not a deepened friendship then, and it was not chemistry, and it was not an infatuation like many a teacher told me. It was just love.

And if I look back, did I think it would last so long? I think I knew in an instant. As I mentioned in Malinis and Yasmin’s posts, life can be tough and get buried under care and little things.

But looking back, those years from when we first discovered our love, to the excitement when no one knew, and then some knew and then all knew through college and till after many years when we were able to get married – they were priceless and had a quality of romance and anticipation that made them my very own personal fairy tale.

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  1. Sarmila

    your writing remembers me of my teen ages.. Though I was not in love with anyone, it was a thrilling event when we used to hear anyone who is going for a date or has fallen in love!!
    really reminds of those days.. thanks a lot for the wonderful writing..

  2. Khushi

    Sarmila, thanks for your comment. When I was writing this, it took me back all these years too, and made me so happy that it happened. I miss my teenage 🙂

  3. Yasmin

    Khushi, How romantic..! And so well written..I could actually picture you both trekking through the Himalayas.

  4. Malini

    A very nice post Khushi….In one way, we are both lucky to be with the life partner of our choice…..

  5. Sophie

    Khushi, my turn ?
    Or do you prefer narrating playing cupid in my life 🙂

  6. Khushi

    Sophie, yes, your turn! I dont want to narrate 🙂

    Malini, I think you are right. We are lucky.

    Yasmin, thanks. I like your comment. And actually I was thinking of you two when I wrote this.

  7. Tana

    Khushi, How lovely to see this finally written down! :-)Though I have to confess, you had me gripped as one might be in a romance novel, then sort of let me down – I really wanted to know how/when the boy became a man and realized (and spoke up about) his love for you 🙂 Love, Tana.

  8. Khushi

    Tana, thank you. Ok, maybe I will elaborate that in the next edition. But he was still a boy when he spoke up 🙂

  9. joysree

    touched my heart.

  10. wow! a very nice romantic post..i feel happy for u….

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