My greatest Teacher

Of all the teachers I have had in my life, starting from my parents, grandparents and family, to the kindergarten and high school teachers, the lecturers in the university, the professors during professional qualifications of Chartered Secretary and Chartered Accountancy, my 22 month old son Shaamak has been my greatest teacher and I am sure for many of us like me.

 Its he who has actually taught me and made me realize the painstaking effort that my parents had undergone to bring me up and thus make me more appreciative of them. He has taught me patience, tolerance and most of all the power in me to give life to a human being, to be myself without any pretense, the power to love someone unconditionally and to be loved and hugged even if I have his puke on my shirt. The simple joys of life of making bubbles and trying to catch them, of sowing a seeds in a tiny pot, seeing it germinate and finally a sapling coming out of it, to paint a red balloon and singing the rhyme “My red balloon”, with my hand painted red and he puts his handprint on the sheet, that I need to be careful what I am saying, never to show my anger or frustration to him. The feeling of being vicotrious when he is able to put a jigsaw puzzle in its place, the smile followed can bright a gloomy day, of falling down while running aorund but always getting up reflecting a never ever give up. I like things to be perfect and Shaamak has made realize that my life, my home, my car, my dresses can’t be perfect all the time with a toddler around and its fine to accept the imperfections of life.

 Whoever said a child is the  of a man, could’nt have been more correct because parenthood itself is a learning process, the lessons of which never fade from your memory and gets imprinted in your mind forever. And whenever a new parent, a younger sibbling asks for any advice you feel elated and too eager to share the experiences through the days, months and years.








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  1. Khushi

    Beautiful post.

  2. Anonymous

    I like the line ‘its he who has actually taught me and made me realize the painstaking effort that my parents had undergone to bring me up’ . How very true for me as well. I am so much more patient with my parents as a result, so I have learnt that from my parenting as well.

  3. joysree

    very correct introspection

  4. Priya

    I love this post..Nicely written.

  5. priyanka080305

    hey Indrani..u frm Lady Irwin school.? 93 batch?

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