My internet fetish

As a consumer, I much prefer a virtual shopping cart to a real one. Out in the World Wide
Marketplace, anything I could possibly want is on sale somewhere. I have bought a range of things – from children’s bedding, which my local Walmart dosent carry to Indian costume jewellery which would otherwise have taken me countless visits to multiple stores had I really been in Calcutta.

Its amazing how many things are available online these days. While it is easy to fall prey to online shopping – just the convenience of comparison shopping, reading reviews – there are certain things that cannot be purchased online. Having said that, one would be totally surprised at the variety of stuff that I have purchased online; Statues of Indian Gods, grocery even return gifts for children’s birthday parties.

Better still is the fact that after I’ve found exactly what I want, I can usually reduce even more money off the price with a quick Web search or two. In fact, I do it all the time.

Just this week I went on a mini spree at Chadwicks. There was a terrific sale, and I managed to find several great outfits in my size at a fraction of their original prices. But before I checked out I went to a clearinghouse for discount codes good of online merchants. I searched there for Chadwicks, and sure enough I found a code worth 30% off my order.

Back at my shopping cart I entered the magic numbers, and within seconds the site adjusted my total— saving me $45. Next I hit the other site, which revealed a few digits that
eliminated the shipping charge on that same order, shaving another $12 off my tab just like that. Bottom line: Less than a minute of Web searching saved me $57. There are a handful of sites that I rely on to provide me with codes, and if one comes up empty, I always try another. Sometimes I Google to see if anyone out there is offering up a code, trying a search term like, “discount code Staples. In sites like landsend, clicking on live chat, can help in terms of reducing the shipping cost.

Some rules I live by when shopping online – never make a purchase unless its on the “outlet section” of the online store. Sometimes I just leave all my stuff in the shopping cart and walk away. Sites like overstock will send you coupons while appealing you to make the final purchase. Usually this code can be applied over and above all the codes that you would apply anyways – so this is a total freebie.

I always initiate the purchase at upromise or ebates- so I get cash back after I purchase.

I laugh when people say, “I never pay retail.” I never pay the sale price

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  1. Khushi

    Great tips. All this is very new to me. I need to search discount codes. All I do is Amazon so far, and that is pretty addictive in itself.

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