My Journey into Bread Making

When I married my husband eleven years ago, we both knew he would be doing the cooking.  If it didn’t come in a box, I was clueless.  When I had the opportunity to stay home and raise my two boys, I had to learn how to cook out of necessity.  Then, once we were told that my youngest was allergic to peanuts, I decided to master one baked item at a time. It took many tries and lots of extra visits to the grocery store.  I started off easy with pancakes, muffins, cookies and then I got stuck on bread.  I tried four recipes from the internet and all were inedible. I was starting to think it was me.  The idea of making fresh bread without preservatives was something I just had to figure out.  I started looking at book reviews for bread baking and came across Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking

I received my book one month ago as a gift and I can now make perfect bread, every time.  There’s nothing more delicious then warm bread with butter.

Our Favorite recipes:

Challah Bread

Bread Pudding


Herb bread


Olive Oil dough for pizza


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  1. Khushi

    Thank you Suzie. I will get the book. My journey into baking is kind of rocky too. Duncan Hines has been my best friend.

  2. Tana

    Wow, you can make all those breads after being an out-of-a-box person! That’s amazing!

  3. Suzie

    My mother in -law was amazed too. The book explains the process well. I make two wet doughs on the weekend and keep them refrigerated. Then I pull them out and bake the bread or pizza while cooking dinner. It’s great!

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