My little boy has grown up

growing upI am sure many of you with older children have gone through the feeling when one fine day, bang….suddenly you realise that your kid has grown up.
I realised it a week back. Of course for the last 3-4 weeks his question like “If the earth has gravity and pulls everything down, why is it that the moon is still in the sky and hasn’t fallen down?” and using phrases like ‘in my opinion, I feel Mamma we should do it this way’ has amazed me.
The whole argument started when he came back from school one day and expressed his desire to go for the afterschool program. Frankly the school has a very unique curriculum in place which fosters creativity but my feeling was and still is physically he is not strong enough to handle long hours yet and I reasoned with him and assured him that after the summer break when he is closer to 5 years is a good time to start it. It fell on deaf ears. When mummy fails, that’s when Dad comes in. after dinner last Friday, my husband sat with him and wrote down all the pros and cons on a piece of paper. The pros outweighed the cons and we asked him “So dear which one is more? 5 or 3? His reply was “Of course Dad, 5 is more than 3, no two thoughts about it but there is a big positive and that is I want it.” Assertiveness, what he wants, matters a lot.
When I went to drop him to school on Monday morning, the start of the trial week for the extended day program, he gave me an extra tight hug than usual and said “Mamma, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”
And suddenly I realised from a preschooler, he is on his way to be a little man.

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  1. Khushi

    Hi. Loved this post. Ya, it hits you suddenly, doesnt it? You must be so proud of him as he is such a good thinker. Lots of love.

  2. Tacy

    What a bright young boy with such sensitivity! Very special. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Indrani

    Thanks Khushi & Tacy for your comments. Hope his brightness & sensitivity remains forever.

  4. Sasi

       I  am overwhelmed with his maturity and affections towards you. Just go ahead and encourage him for what he wants to do.

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