My make-up woes

As I started working in Europe, I felt a little out of place. The most obvious reason was my physical appearance – there were a lot of other Asians in my very diverse workplace. But all of them seemed to turn out looking very took me a while to put my finger at what exactly it was – they all wore make-up! And so started my quest at trying to get the best make-up that would make me blend-in. With time, I have realized that it is pretty much a futile quest and there’s no way any cosmetic can make me feel a part of a different culture in a jiffy…I have to really live it to become a part of it.

Nonetheless, here are some minimalistic things I picked up on cosmetics that I use everyday

1. Acne – my biggest enemy. I have been struggling with acne all my life and even though I am past my 30’s, it hasn’t left me. So I am now-a-days using a dermalogica cleanser that I wash my face with every night and every morning. After which, I put a non-oil based moisturizer on my face, again from dermalogica. I think I should put a toner in between these two routines as everyone says you should cleanse-tone-moisturize. I will start doing that soon. So far, the two things have been useful in keeping my acne at bay.

2. Cover-up : Once I have my moisturizer on, I just put in a tad of foundation on my face to cover all those hideous and omnipresent acne and blemishes. This is again a non-oil based cover-up liquid foundation from L’oreal…real easy to pickup from a target or even a walmart! Once I have that on, I am good to go.

3. Lip-stick : I usually just put in a chapstick during winters which is enough to give my lips a sheer…sometimes, I put in a mild pink that doesn’t look odd on my face.

This is my make-up routine…..though I still would love to not spend even a second on my face…any other suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Priya

    Maya-I am there with you.Most days, my makeup is only lipstick.Luckily,I dont have any acnes..

  2. Smitha

    Maya- when I came to U.s I would say I was very much into makeup..But nowadays with 2 kids, I hardly like time to do anything..So its just lipstick and moisturizer for me now

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