My sweet Druggie and Nondruggie kids!!!

I love my son’s adventurous mind. He is not scared of anything. I love his cute smile,his silly acts…..

When he was born he was the cutest thing I saw.His toothless smile filled up the whole whole life..He was a very chubby baby and had rolls of fat everywhere.. About 1 month,when I took him to pediatrician’s office he rolled up the fat under the chin AND the whole area was like bright RED. I freaked out.. He said its beginning of infection..It was due to the fat over there..It doesn’t get air plus the milk used to roll under there and stay..I should have bathed that area more carefully…:-(

Anyway after feeling self guilty he started antibiotics… The first day I found out something really really WRONG with him..He HATES MEDICINE!!!! I mean HATE should be really underlined here..He hates it..he would spit it out ..This 1 month old baby. He was so stubborn that not a drop would go down his throat..So everyday I would call the office and would be like crying over saying he isn’t taking the quota he is supposed to take..the first 3 days I took him the Dr’s office and they would give him medicine…The next 2 days I somehow managed..Don’t ask me how…

His hate of medicine continued..he threw up,made faces…threw up again…..It still goes on…He is 7 years olds…He still hates medicine!!!!

So when I was pregnant with my second baby I didn’t pray to God for her to be healthy,to be a girl,to look like me…I wanted the second one TO TAKE MEDICINE without any issues!!!!!

Looks like God heard my prayers…I think he heard it too much that my baby girl loves medicine…Actually lot too much….

She loves Motrin,cold medicines,Tylenol…You name it ..she will go for it…she loves it so much that she was crying for Motrin the other day when we went through the aisle  in Publix..

God is there!!!

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  1. Khushi

    What a sweet post! I love it. My son changed from hating to loving medicines.

  2. Dora

    Giving medicines its such a pain for moms too. I am so glad your daughter turned out to be one that likes the meds. This is funny 🙂

  3. My girls are both drug addicts!

    And…uh oh… I think Siri might have the same thing going on in her neck. I just noticed it this morning…

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