Nanny or daycare????

Recently one of my new coworker who is going to have a baby in 1 month asked me this question.”What do you think?Should we have a nanny or a send the baby to daycare??

The question took me 2 years back. When I had my baby girl, we went through the same situation. Both of us were working full time. I didnt want to sent my 6 month baby girl to daycare, an unknown place. I was too scared that she wont get the attention that she will get at home. I started putting ads in Khabarmagazine,Sulekha,craigslist.
Soon, I started getting calls…We went to 1 or 2 nannys house to see they are credible. Also asked for references. We almost said YES to one nanny.

Some days after my hus called me and told me to drop the idea of having a nanny.One of his coworker hired a nanny that shook the baby so bad that the baby was in ICU for some weeks.

After hearing that I sent my baby to daycare which has security.The first few weeks,it was tough to leave the baby in an unknown place but I got used to it. After some time the baby and me got used to the teachers.She used to have lot of fun playing with the toys .Also loved the outdoor time. She learned to interact with other kids and share..

All in all, I was happy with the decision I made.

Guess, what I told my coworker about what he should do???

Hey bloggermoms…Have you guys gone through this path? What did you decide???

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  1. Ann Mitch

    I went with a nanny at first as I did not want the child to get infected.That was my worst fear with daycare.

  2. Khushi Mommy

    I am like you, Smitha. I went for security. I could not bear to leave th ebaby alone with a nanny without anyone to watch or supervise.

  3. One plus for daycare is the opportunity for your children to learn socialization. They may learn some social rules earlier, such as sharing.

  4. ketakimd

    Not all of the nannies are bad, as one might guess. We have hired a nanny and she is just like grand ma to my baby. I am happy that we have hired her and not put my baby into day care. By the time this quetsion arised my baby was 1 yr old and the separation anxiety was full in swing, so we took our time in finding nanny, had slow integrtaion with her. And boom, it’s the ideal situation for us!

  5. a lot of time a difference between a good nanny and a bad nanny is communication. Be open with your nanny on the needs and responsibilities and ask so that she is opened too. A good nanny – parent relationship is priceless.

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