Never too old

My son came to me the other day utterly disappointed with some friends in the playground
‘Mom, could you please tell them not to be so rude to me and include me in their play as well?’
‘Honey playground battles you have to fight on your own. I am here to encourage you, to give you the ways and means and tact to handle it, but you who have to fight it out.’ I said calmly

Shortly after I tucked him into his bed, the first thing I wanted to do was speak to my mom. Not to share what her grandson is facing but for advice with her years of experience of raising three children; on how to deal with rejection faced by my son from play mates and whether my approach of non interference on the face of it is right.
And I smiled to myself that no matter how old we are, we are always kids for our parents. We are never too old to turn to them for help. And I am sure what my mom did that day that is to calm me down and give advice, I shall be doing the same for my son throughout my life.

As a child I always wondered when the time would come when I could be counted in the grown up category. Perhaps once I complete school education. Or may be college education, or may be after completing the masters and surely after I get married. But here I am, even after more than 8 years of marriage, I still am my mom’s child, bond that nothing and no one can change. In the end, I guess we all are never too old to seek advice, guidance and encouragement from our parents.

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  1. Rashi

    Indrani, your posts grow never too old too. Good job, girl. Isn’t it funny that you are looking for advice for your own playground battle, like your son is? I think you are right, these battles are his own, but we provide the tools.

  2. Khushi

    Thats some good thinking…about the topic. I still dont feel grown up. Even when I am alone 🙂 Mostly I think I am just pretending to be grown up 🙂 and would love to go back to just being a kid.

  3. Indrani

    Rashi: thanks a lot for regularly commenting on my posts. It means a lot to me and keep my brain ticking for new ideas and zeal for me to write.
    Khushi: I guess its all in the mind. If we feel young, we think young, and act accordingly.

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