New year resolutions, whats yours?

Well, I have not finalized my list yet, but here is what mine looks like :
1. Lose 25 lbs ( I do this every year, the resolution, I mean)
2. Visit three foreign countries or exotic locations ( I finally have my green card)
3. Find a part time job that pays well
4. Start writing on a regular basis
5. Read at least 10 non toddler books
6. Clean out my closet and keep it clean
7. Reach out to 5 old friends I had lost touch with something more meaningful than ‘Hi, whats the news’ emails
8. Take my toddler outdoors to play more instead of just indoors
9. Every week spend an hour on beauty treatment ( I know, this never happens, maybe i will spend 10 minutes)
10. Recycle more – need to figure out how to set a target for this

Will publish the final one by new year. What are your resolutions?

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh. Read this and had a scary realization: nothing changes. Ever.

    With the exception of #8, my resolutions are EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOURS. The scary part? I’m a grandmom, probably 30 years older than you are. Aaaargh. So much for progress.

  2. Mommy in America

    That is funny!

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