Night-time Drama

I was laughing at myself in the middle of the night. Here I was cramped between my daughter and our baby and I remembered a while ago I thought we are just blessed with a miracle of children who just sleep through the night peacefully. Our 2 year old daughter started sleeping in her room before her brother arrived. When I went to the hospital; she got little upset. So I decided to sleep with her in a separate bedroom while our newborn son slept happily in his crib for straight 3 hours during night. I was so much happy that wow; I’m getting good night sleep despite having a newborn and a toddler. Those comforting couple of nights after coming home from the hospital was just enough to disturb her routine of sleeping in her room. Still there was enough room in our bed so I didn’t mind her shifting back in our bed.
Our newborn turned into infant and then he caught cold- thanks to his sister who just sneezed on his face while trying to pet him. She loves to pet him as if he is her puppy! So poor baby he got so much congested that I decided to put him next to me in the bed for few nights. Meanwhile I tried to put our daughter to bed in her bedroom and then tried to sneak out when she slept. For couple of nights this routine seemed to work. And suddenly one night she realized that mamma does not seat in my room through out the night; so where does she go?? So every night she started waking up and ended up sleeping with me. And as you can imagine the scene goes like this:- I nurse our baby and then put him to his crib. Then I go to her room tell her stories then she goes to sleep. I return to our room and try to get some sleep. Within half an hour our baby is up for the next nursing; so I nurse him change his diaper and try to put him back to the crib. Within one night he has figured out that sleeping in crib is not good at all; there is another option of sleeping closer to mamma. So he refuses to sleep in the crib; so I rock him for a while and then I finally put him in our bed close to me. That sight of him all snuggled up in my arms always makes me feel to kiss him. So I kiss him as gently as I can on a sleeping baby. And that is enough to disturb his sleep and now he is in the mood of playing. How can I just let him play by himself? He is so cute and loves to coo to me and loves to smile during these wee hours. Then we play for another half an hour or so. Then finally he goes back to sleep and I hold on to the urge to kiss him again. I quietly put him down besides me and immediately fall into deep sleep. When it seems like I can finally catch at least 2 hours of straight sleep I hear our daughter crying in her sleep. I assume that she will go back to sleep on her own; no need to run to her room. Magically the crying stops… I feel relieved and I start breathing normally. Next minute I find her standing near my bed calling me “Mamma I want you in my room”. My husband tries to help me out so he offers to come along with her. That sets her trigger off and she starts throwing tantrum- rolling on the floor, screaming on top of her lungs and her usual traits. So I wake up; take her in my arms and try to put her in her bed once again. Now she wants to drink water or wants me to clean her nose- she insists on a wipe instead of tissue. So it takes me another half an hour to put her to bed. And the saga continues her waking up followed by meltdown- some negotiations, our baby waking up for nursing and before I can snooze it is time to wake up. After few nights like these I gave up and started getting her in our bed. So now I have her on one side and our baby on another side. So she keeps pushing me through the night and I end up sleeping in a weirdest possible position. My whole body hurts in the morning more than it was when I entered the bedroom in night!
Does this sound like one of your nights? How do you deal with it? Please share your night time routines with 2 kids.

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  1. Asha

    Oh Ketaki! Those precious, crazy early nights. I totally identify with your compulsion to kiss and snuggle. I have woken my baby so many times that way! With your daughter, it is understandable but you will get no sleep. Thats just the way it will be for a while. I used to send my older one to preschool just so that I can nap that time with my baby, Let me know if that works for you.

  2. Ketaki

    Thanks Asha for the tip. Yes, i’ll defly try that option.

  3. Vidya

    This reads just like my story… when my girl was born, my son started to come back in sleep in our bed. I have realized, instead of fighting this need for my own space to just enjoy and go with the flow. In a few years both my kids will want to have their own space and then I will miss cuddling them ! Its hard as many days my older one- will kick me in his sleep and i have a sore night… but I am of the opinion these days are still shorter and will go away quickly. Ofcourse the net result is hubby doesnt sleep in the same bed!!

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