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Happy New Year babes!

What is your favorite resolution for 2008? Mine is to understand money. If Harvard MBAs earning millions every month can lose billions every year then it is got to be complex and confusing, correct? For Year 2008, I shall learn and invest. And I shall do better than Citibank, Bear Stearns and all those other Wall Street folks who might actually bring this economy to a collapse.   So where do I start? I need help. Calling out to every savvy investor out there (or the not so savvy ones as well — tell me what not to try).  

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  1. Mommy in America

    That is a gooe resolution, I think. I hope someone with more knowledge pitches in. Me, I am going with oil and green energy

  2. kanjoos

    That makes sense — going after oil and green energy. So are you into stocks and mutual funds or something else? I would personally not invest in stocks of oil and green energy. Too many people out there. I wouldn’t go into a busy market. I want my space.

    More importantly, oil appears to be a play on macro-economics. Something that I just cannot understand. I want to just keep it simple.

  3. Amrita

    Good points, Kanjoos.

  4. Aparna

    I am not into stocks but my husband is.Last year he invested in India stocks and made some money.This year he is into BRIC stocks ( Brazil, Russia, India and China).He is already makin some money out of it..