No papayas or pineapples when pregnant!

Did you know this Bloggermoms? I had not heard this at all in my first pregnancy, and tucked into papayas with relish, and luckily with no side effects.

But in India they say that you should not eat papayas or pineapples when pregnant. It may be something to do with the ‘pectin’ they have which may induce contraction. So this time I have been off papayas and pineapples both.

My friend Priya says you need to avoid dates too.

The American books all cover the soft cheese and cold cuts and sushi and things like that but I did not know about these fruits. I found it out on my trip to India.

Have you heard of anything else we should avoid or any other thoughts on why we need to avoid these? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. priyanka080305

    hi Khushi, Papaya hs properties of clearing the it is advisable not to hav papaya;s during first 3 months of pregnancy.
    Havent heard of any other food item to b avoided during pregnancy.

  2. Khushi

    Hi Priyanka, thank you for your comment. I wondered why papaya was not allowed!

  3. Pry

    Your post remined me of Indian movies(mallu movies) the evil motherinlaw tries to abort the pregnant daugherinlaws by giving them papayas or pineapple.. Then the hero/husband comes and saves the poor wife…

  4. Indrani

    I had heard things like that too… for papaya. For Pineapples, I had a lot of craving for pineapple jiuce and had it to my heart content during my pregnancy. Thankfully, there were no side effects.

  5. Dora

    Never heard of any of these. But eggplant in the last month….sometimes works I have heard

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