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Hello Ladies,

Morning to you all!
Warning – I don’t feel funny today

I suddenly had this urge to share or more like urge for you nice ladies to listen to what I had to say. I was just reading about this skeleton of a 14 yr old boy buried near the Stonehenge monument and it didn’t seem like just ANY piece of news. I was suddenly very sad and emotional. Even though the skeleton was from 1550 BC, something about the news made me think of that era and the circumstances of people in general in those times and made me look at the world that we live in today and what is to become of us in the future.
News like that is just soooo humbling for me cause it makes me/us think about life in general and how fragile it is and how much for granted we take it. We go about our daily chores, forgoing vacations and family time for work in the office. Our kids grow up and start a new life doing the exact same thing we did and generations just go by.
I remember my grandmother. The image stuck in my head is of her waving us goodbye from her gate of her house and I looking out from the car window, waving back. She seemed old, which she was and really tiny, which again she was. But what I saw then was her standing there, having lived her 82 yrs and very ready to embrace whatever was coming her way. She looked content and happy and grateful for having lived a life free from any complications.
I think of the time when she must have been a baby and the world would have looked like or even when her grandmother was a baby. Can you imagine the world then? OR just REALLY go back in time . All those people having lived their lives and then moved on to?………..I wonder
One day we will be gone too and what makes me smile now is that there will be somebody who will think of us with love and will have a tear in their eye and a smile on their face when they look our picture.

Cause life goes on and everyone must have their moment in the Sun……

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  1. Asha

    I really feel for you. I feel like that too – specially a lot of compassion for my moms generation. Who were under so many taboos in some way, yet so happpy and giving us opportunity

  2. Khushi

    I feel the same very often. We lose so much wisdom, I think with every age. I wish there was a wisdom to capture all that and flick through.

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