Nutritious Indian Meal for toddler

Mixed Veggie Thepla with Daal

Mixed Veggies Thepla:-

Use any veggies combination like methi/spinach/carrots with mint/potato. Grate this vegetable along with ginger and garlic. Mix turmeric,salt to the grated vegetable. Mix in whole wheat flour (alternatively you can make with raagi flour or mixture of raagi and wheat flour). Make a firm dough. Then roll out rotis of this mxture and roast it with little bit of ghee/oil on each side.


Pressure cook toor/mung/massor daal along with turmeric, tomato/spinach/methi/dudhi. Once cooked mash it and add salt and water, boil it. Use this daal with mixed veggie thepla/roti/rice.

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  1. sarmila

    i liked the recipe,, i will try this

  2. Khushi

    Thank you, this is a good recipe. I have a 9 month old and am always looking for sugestions.

  3. Asha

    Hey, how are you doing, when will you be back? I got to this recipe from the lunch menu post, had completely forgotten about it. How is the little girl doing?

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