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I have been thinking of writing this post for a while but some time back when I read Khushi’s post ‘Forever-21-maternity-line-and-mom-vs-businesswoman’, I remembered about this unfinished post.

Five years back, weekends in Singapore meant either hosting dinners or better still attending them. At times I used to have all the four weekends in a month, planned. On those rare ones when we, my husband and I, did neither, we used to go out for dinners to newly opened fancy restaurants. One of our favourite was an Indian fine dining restaurant and I used to love their kebabs and grilled meats. Towards the end of our stay in Singapore we became so fond of them that we used to make it a point to visit the restaurant at least once a month, if not more.  We had a favourite table by the window where the two of us would sit leisurely, sipping Pinot Noir or cabernet Sauvignon and talk about the week that went past while enjoying the nutty nutty kebabs. We had become such loyal customers that we even had a fixed server who suggested variations from our regular favourite dishes.

After we moved back to Singapore about 6 months back, we haven’t had the opportunity to go there as my son doesn’t like the Indian food served in restaurant. Of course we have been to others just as a couple, leaving my son with his nanny, but I must admit I wasn’t able to enjoy the meal as much. A friend sometime back told us that the same owner has opened an Indian Chinese restaurant which is very close to where we live. Given the fact we as a family have been missing the Indian version of Chinese food, we decided to go there.  To my surprise, the server recognised us immediately and made us feel so welcome.

However at the end of the meal, I felt I didn’t quite enjoy the food as much. What happened? The food was of great quality or so my taste buds said. But then my son disliked the food as it was very spicy for him. Even after our request for a zero chilli meal for him, they could not quite get it right.

And I realised how becoming a mother has changed my preferences, likes and dislikes, to the extent of striking off a restaurant from my list for a family meal at least, one that used to be my all time favourite once upon a time. Of course that ‘once upon a time’ was before I became a mom. Is it only me or all moms at some point in time cross over on the mommy side?

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  1. Munny

    Strange things happen to us ones we become moms. I agree with you whole heartedly Indrani. Very nicely written.

  2. khushi

    Oh I can so relate to this. When my boys dont like something…somehow it leaves a bad taste in my mouth (not literally) even though I enjoyed it. And I always get this feeling that I have moved on …from the person who I used to be

  3. indrani

    Dear Munny & Khushi
    Thanks for your comments. Becoming a mom changes us in a lot of ways but I feel the most important change is I am able to understand my mom a lot better…. argue less & listen more!

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