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The long waited San Diego trip was getting closer. It was our first road trip with recently potty trained toddled & our infant of 6 months. I knew from the beginning that it will be bit adventurous yet fun filled trip. And yes, it succeeded the expectations!

Our itinerary was quite simple- drive to San Diego on Saturday, just relax, then visit Legoland on Sunday and head back on Monday. I read few articles online what to expect and how to be prepared for the road trips. Till last minute we were thinking of what can we need on the road and were packing vigilantly. Although I decided to pack light; our trunk was full with 2 strollers & everything “required”.

So as per plan we got up at 4.30 a.m. & were out on the road by 5.45 a.m.; that was record time for us. So were quite happy about it except that both of the kids were as well up and shining. My assumption was if we start early we will be able to drive longer distance while kids are asleep. But the moment I tried to lift them to put in the car seat, both of them were up and excited for their road trip J Since both of them were in happy mood, it was not much of a concern. So we started singing & enjoying sunrise & all. The moment we hit the freeway our car started indicating issues with the TPMS(tire pressure monitoring system). We started discussing that may be we should head home & try to get it fixed before we start for the trip. At one point my husband just decided to make U turn on the freeway since it was all empty at that time and thankfully I was able to talk him out of it. We started looking for the next exit because my son was getting hungry after being 30 minutes on the road J At that opportunity my husband checked the car manual (which was impressively handy) and declared that there is nothing wrong with the tires & we can still continue on the road. And miraculously when he turned on the car it was actually gone…

After that we continued again on the road. I was cramped in the second row with 2 cars seats and handy wipes; handy snacks, handy water & whatever I could think of should be handy to me. Still it was all happy moods because kids were enjoying the trip. Our toddler was singing all sort of new rhymes that she learned in her Montessori & our son was just mesmerized by her vocal & motor skills. After being on road for almost one straight hour we had to take a break again. So at the rest stop I asked my hubby to unlock the car doors & he said he already had done so. But then I was not at all able to open my door from inside. After much efforts we figured that that side of door is jammed & can be opened only when my hubby with all of his muscular force! Finally I was happy that at least I could take my crying son out of his car seat. I decided to seat in the front passenger seat to nurse him; so tried opening that side of the car; only to find that even that door was jammed & decided to keep me out of the car. But thankfully it was opening if you are fast enough by unlocking the doors with key & quickly opening the door with handle. That trick was not working for the back door so we were quite happy with the front passenger door.

After few more breaks and struggling through the door lock-unlock protocol we were about to enter San Diego and my toddler goes, I need to use the potty. And to our dismay there was no rest stop for at least 50 miles. But we were prepared for such situation! We had packed our travel potty with us, kudos to my husband who managed to make room for it in the trunk. So now e had to just make a quick exit & we will be covered. So we took the exit & stopped the car. I swiftly got my toddler out of the car seat(of course after juggling through the jammed doors) & asked my hubby to open the trunk & get the travel potty ready. And to our greatest shock we found out that the trunk door was jammed. So he managed to get the travel potty out from the back seat; which was buried under heavy suitcase & 2 strollers. Finally I asked my toddler to use this potty & she goes no I want the white potty. I don’t want to use this potty! Ha haa haa… I have pretty decent sense of humor, but this?? I was not prepared for it. So I did the thing that I am best at! I started counting… Fortunately she is extremely good at self control, so we were able to proceed without nay further mishaps J

We reached San Diego by 12.30 p.m. or so. I was searching on the web for the places to see recommended by local moms. One of it was Self Realization Meditation Gardens in Encinitas. We decided to visit there at first. And it was the best place that we discovered for the first time in all of our visits. They have retreat as well, which we couldn’t explore with toddler & infant. But the garden is absolutely beautiful & serene. It has cute little koi ponds & nicely maintained botanical garden with secluded spots created for meditation. Ocean vistas are located on the top of the hill which is stunning. My daughter had loads of fun with the fishies & running around the steps. At one point a lady stopped me & smilingly said “Some people do come here for meditation, you know”. So we got the hint and we left the place to avoid any more embarrassment.

Then we headed to Swami’s Beach. It’s a nice family friendly beach, famous for surfing and swimming. Our daughter had blast there while our son opted to catch up on his nap. He had the best environment- cool weather, background music of ocean waves & warm blanket. Aarohi just rolled in sand completely, built sand castle, made a friend instantaneously based on the same interest of rolling in sand and overall had awesome time. After such a tiring day we headed to Surati Farsan Mart and hogged on good Indian food. They have a nice temple in the same complex along with grocery store & some other desi stores. So we stopped at each and every possible stop to savor the Indian corner. After that we just headed to the hotel & dozed off for the night.

On Sunday all of us were excited to visit Legoland. We reached Legoland parking lot at sharp 9.55 a.m. and the park was supposed to open at 10.00 a.m. But then we had to get the kids settled in the strollers, struggle with our car doors’ drama to get everything “required” with us & so… it took us good 45 minutes to reach from parking lot to actually enter into Legoland J Aarohi just enjoyed each and very ride that we took there including her first ever roller coaster! So it was the best visit. By evening everyone was very tired; so we headed to our cousin’s place. There after decent baths all of us were excited to catch up on the chat & kids enjoyed staying up late.

Next morning we got up little late. After having nice brunch we headed back home for some adventures on road J By then we had mastered the art of opening the doors with their respective routines and were able to laugh about it! Once we entered Arizona border, we again took a break and miraculously all of the doors started working flawlessly. As if our car just didn’t want us to cross the state borders & she was well behaved as usual once we entered “her” territory J If anything this trip gave us a way to be thankful for the small things like car doors, power windows to be working the way they are expected to work. We decided that we should not be taking things for granted and always be thankful for everything that we receive. Thank you Universe for providing us healthy and loving family and everything that we have with us!

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  1. Khushi

    I love the way you end it. Yes, thank God indeed, I feel it too many times. How funny that the car behaves well in her territory!

  2. Anonymous

    Hey good writing. I wish I could do the trip. Also seems like the whole family is having fun together. A few months after baby it happens that way

  3. indrani

    A very well written post. Enjoyed reading it.

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