Opportunity Lost – My great American dream

I was quite surprised to hear that the great American dream meant a house, dog, car formula. Or becoming an enterpreneur and cashing in your idea for millions. To me, the great American dream is all about suing for a something which did not really harm me a lot and get a lot of money. Tough to do if you are not an ambulance chaser.

Well, I am so ashamed of myself. Today opportunity knocked and I messed it up.

The babe and I were over with friends at Atlanta Bread Company. The babe ordered the gourmet PB and J, which looked extremely non gourmet. At any rate, after a bite or two, he said ‘ what is this, something hard’ and spit out on my hand. Feeling through the mush, I found, unbelievably, a piece of broken plastic knife.

A piece about an inch big!

I was just glad, as was my friend that the babe had not choked on it. Or it had not hurt him. Relief swept over me and I praised the babe. And then, I walked over to the counter and handed them the evidence. Demanded another PB and J.

How lame is that! I did not even demand ( and they did not offer) even a refund.

All because I was too relieved and tired and of course shy to make a ruckus. How do you create a ruckus.

I am so disappointed.

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  1. JS

    It is amazing that this should happen. It is very dangerous

  2. Yasmin

    Oh, that was a close one! Maybe you could have spoken to the Supervisor about the matter, just so that they are more careful in the future.
    Glad that the babe wasnt hurt.

  3. Sarmila

    it is really dangerous!! hope you all are safe

  4. Indrani

    I would’ve been rather upset with the bread company but wouldn’t have sued them still. Thank God no one was hurt.

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