Pajama Day

Tuesday was Pajama day at school. Our preschooler went in her favorite night suit that Nani Ma gave her last time she visited India. All the way to school she kept asking me, “Why am I wearing pajamas and going to school, I don’t want to sleep there. Mamma did Ms. E told you, are you sure about it?” All the kids brought their loveys as well as blankies to lounge around and watch a Blue’s Clues sleepover movie while stuffing their little mouths with as much popcorn as it could take. When she was picked from school, one pigtail was loose, one intact and she was the loudest she has ever got. I loved the careless expression on her face that literally screamed, “I had fun”. All day at home, we kept on hearing “pajamas at school, that’s just silly” and roars of laughter, which just couldn’t stop. Thanks to the wonderful teachers for letting the little ones be what they love to be the most, Silly!

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  1. Khushi

    Thats a nice post. They used to have pajama days at my sons daycare but he was less than two so didnt notice it much then. Now that he is three, it would be different, I am sure. You expressed it beautifully.

  2. Thank you for the kind words Khushi.

  3. Smitha

    My girl loves PJ’s day at school..I love their faces when they try something new and like it.

  4. Anonymous

    Preschoolers do love to be silly dont they. I like the part where you mention her laughing on her own about it. These are fun things they think of only in the US I think! In my school we had to be in uniforms and a colorful dress was allowed only on birthdays

  5. sands

    Kids are at their best when they are free to be silly.

  6. Pry

    They do love to be silly!!!

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