Perfect Timing – Moms on H4

Whether planned or fortuitous, here’s why I think being a mom on an H4 visa is perfect timing.

  1. Extended maternity leave. Enjoy it and be sure that all your working counterparts envy you. Plus, you wont have to cut into your career years when your child is young.
  2. Mommy and me time: If your child is a bit bigger, this gives you an opportunity to do all those mommy and me activities life with a toddler in the US offers
  3. In the US, a couple of years gap on the resume with the mommy excuse is considered pretty OK – so no need to explain that gap on your resume
  4. Schools, mommy and me activities etc offer you opportunities to network in a low stress setting which can be tapped later for jobs.
  5. Through your kids, you learn more about US life which makes it easier to adapt to the culture once you have a job

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  1. busy working mom

    As a mother, I also had to put my career on hold when I gave birth to my daughter. Your H4 visa has really caught you on the best timing. Your child will never go through the same stage again. And it is just rewarding to be a mom full time. Wish you all the best!

  2. leaonae

    hi , ths is an indian girl gayatri,who recently came looking forward 2 pursue a career in acting and modelling presently on u help me plz?
    ur blogs are so helpful,they are very clear,friendly and sincere..good job!

  3. Amrita

    Hi Leaonae. Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate it. You know, I think there are two tacks – (Now I know nothing about these professions, but just my hunch) – look up modeling agencies – be on lookout for reputable ones, be careful – and try to set up time with them. See, since you can offer assignments for free, it will help you build a portfolio while on H4. To break into bigger jobs, a portfolio is a must. Also, you can look at the Indian events/ stores in your city and volunteer to model. See how that goes – again helps portfolio. Sorry could not help more. Let me know how it goes.

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