Please help!!!

My eight year old has had an upset stomach and vomit twice now. I have been giving him fluids but the pharmasit suggested to give him Children’s Pepto. That didnt stay in his tummy. What would you suggest for me to do??? Thanks

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  1. Asha

    Hi. I think you should call up the doctor. You are doing right by giving him fluids. Even if he vomits, give him chilled fluids or popsicles. Gatorade popsicles are good too, or get Pedialyte popsicles. I always vomit with pepto, so maybe childrens tums. Call the pediatrician or nurse, as they have the best suggestions, and best not to give anything in this condition without asking. I would also avoid dairy or meat or salads etc, and stick to a BRAT diet – Banana Rice Applesauce Toast.

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