Potty training time for kids!!!!

Anyone having potty training trouble? Luckily both of my kids were really good.My son learned it 3 weeks. My baby girl was much faster.She learned it in 2 weeks.

Last weekend, at a party, my friend was explaining to me her sons potty trouble.He will go pee-pee but wont go poo poo. When its time to poo poo he will go hiding.After he has gone in the diaper , he will come out. He will throw a tantrum if anybody forces him to take him to potty to go poo poo.. She was asking me for advice.For me both my kids just learned. The first few days,just as they were about to go poo poo I would pick them up and out them in the seat and they would just go..No tantrums or anything…I didnt know what she would try to make it a pleasant experience for her and for her son..

If anybody is going through this please offer advice….

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  1. Priya

    Dont force them.I have heard if you force them to go then they wont..Luckily my kids were fast in potty training too..

  2. Lisa

    I used to read potty training books when he used to go poo poo..After some time , he would go just to read the books..

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