Preschool and School Diwali Celebrations

Preschool and school diwali celebrations are easy, colorful and a lot of fun. Diwali, with all its splendor, lights, crackers, sweets, sharing and memories provide ample inspiration for craft idea. The date for Diwali 2010 is November 5. For your preschool diwali celebration or school diwali celebration here are some ideas:

  1. Talk to your kids about Diwali, what it means, why is it celebrated. Take a world map and mark out countries that celebrate Diwali – from Fuji to India to Thailand. This is a global festival and gaining in popularity.
  2. Enlist all things glittery. If the teacher cooperates, ask her to request that the kids dress up in shiny outfits or wear something Indian/glittery for that day.
  3. Have a Preschool or School Diwali Party: Have a preschool diwali party in your home and school. Click here for some ideas on a preschool diwali party.
  4. Enlist the help of Bollywood : Teach some swinging dance moves and play some peppy songs for your kids.
  5. Get your kids to dress up (and their friends) – use some of our ideas for Indian Haloween costumes for girls and Indian haloween costumes for boys.

Diwali Craft Ideas: Diwali offers many opportunities to work on unique craft items with your kids. Click here for some craft ideas around Diwali for your kids.

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