Problems Of Overweight:Low Calorie Diets

Today I want to discuss with you  one of the great frustation  for most of the people throughout the world , Obesity or Overweight.. Relative affluance, abundance of a wide variety of foods, lack of physical exercise  are the most common factors counting to this problem.

Before we discuss about the diets, we have to know some hazards of Obesity.

                               Prospective study shows that obesity  corelates with increased incidence of hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance, increased plasma insulin levels, exception of HDL cholesterol and many more.

    Estimation of Weight Loss:  Adipose tissue in adults consist of about 75% fat, 23% water, small amounts of protein and mineral salts

Each kilogram of adipose tissue represents 7,700 KCal, an individual who consumes 100 Kcal in excess , daily ingestion excess of 3000 kcalby the end of 1 month.This would result in a weight gain of 0.4 kg monthly, 4.8 kg approx in an year. Conversely, the loss of 1 kg of adipose tissue means that  the diet would be deficiant  by 7,700 kcal for the total time period of the weight loss. A young woman requiring 2000 kcal a day to meet her energy needs who consumes a diet that supplies only 1200 kcal has a weekly deficit of 5,600kcal, predicted adipose tissue loss would be–5,600 divided by 7,700 means 0.7 kg(1.6 pounds)

                   Prevention Of Obesity:

Education for prevention–The best hope  for the prevention is Awareness. It should be given from the very beginning when a child is growing.

                Treatment of Obesity:

Assessment of the patient–Some persons lose weight  satisfactorily when shown how to keep the calorie intake within prescribed limits.


 Calorie Restricted–

Energy——–a diet  that provides 800 to 1000 kcal below the daily requirement, leads to a loss of 3 to 4 kg (6-8 lb) monthly. For most men 1400 -1600 kcal is a satisfactory level, for women 1200-1400 kcal are indicated.

Protein——-1 1/2 gm per kg of protein improves the satiety value of the diet, most dietary  plans can include 70- 100gm protein daily

Fat and Carbohydrate—moderate carbs intake includes 1000 kcal,  and a liberal fat intake reduced   carbs intake includes the diet of a high protein moderate fat diet that is  1500 kcal diet.

Minerals and Vitamins–A multivitamin preparation , iron salts and possibly calcium are indicated for diets containing 1000 kcal or less.

                 Sample Meal Pattern :-


unsweetened citrus fruit-1  exchange


Bread-2 slice

Butter/ Margarine- 1 teaspoon

Coffee / Tea– 1 cup


Meat, poultry or fish : 2 oz medium fat

Vegetable(raw or cooked)- 1 exchange

Rice– 1 cup

Lentils-1 cup

Unsweetened fruit or  yogurt- 1 exchange/1 cup


Meat, poultry or fish- 3 oz medium fat

Potato-1 small

Vegetable- cooked- 1 cup

Bread – 1 slice

Milk – 2 % fat- 1 cup

                      In between you can have some low calorie snack, foods to avoid mostly are cheese, chocolates, ice cream , red meat, fried foods, sweets like doughnuts, potato chips, cake, cookies, honey, syrup, rich puddings, all fountain drinks, sundaes, alcoholic drinks, sweetened drink mixes.

               Moderate exercise on a constant daily basis is an important aid in weight loss and should be a required component of any weight reduction program…

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