Quick Tip for Organizing clean and dirty clothes when traveling with kids

traveling with kidsWhen traveling to Disney with kids or anywhere really, take with you a foldable canvas hamper. Choose an area in the hotel room to set it up. Then teach the kids and your husband what to do with their dirty clothes. This way smelly dirty or wet clothes do not get mixed up with any clean clothes. ┬áIt will also keep the room a bit tidier. When it’s time to pack, put all those smelly clothes in one or two designated suitcases and keep the clean ones separated. This will save you time doing laundry when you get it all home.

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  1. Khushi

    This is such a good idea. I use the laundry bag that some hotels give for free, but it is much better to teach the kids and be systematic about it. Also this time I used one of the drawers in the hotel TV stand for the used clothes, but while packing them up, it was a problem.

  2. rajvi

    I also use to the drawers in the hotel TV stand for the dirty clothes. But for that, I am the one usually rounding up the dirty clothes and putting them in the designated drawer. I think with having the laundry hamper, hopefully the kids and husbands would do it themselves.

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