When my older son was two, we got a ‘o-your-son-is-so-cute’ from the next table. But the lady, with long, curly, untamed dirty golden tresses and a long skirt followed it up by ‘Do you know what he was in his last life?’ I was clueless and smiled my very-neutral-dont-talk-to-me-anymore smile at her. But she went on ‘Keep watching. He will give you some clues. Before 5, they are still connected with their last life and they let you know’. Then she stopped and said with some mystery ‘there will be signs’.

So I waited. But for him I never got any clue. And my husband totally laughed it off.

Did you guys ever hear anything like this or get any clues from your kids?

I dont really believe it but I feel I am getting clues from the baby now.

First, his earliest smiles and even laughs and certainly many intense stares were directed at the headboard of my bed. The head board is just a plain wooden bar design, nothing fancy, but he loved it. In fact, when he saw such a design anywhere else (such as on my dresser) his little face would break into a look of utter familiarity and joy. So I thought, OK, he loves wood.

When he started to pull up, again, he loved pulling up on my headboard as I held on to him. And now that he crawls, he can be seen moving from room to room solemnly dragging his ‘tool of the day’ – todays was a pliers- wherever he goes for inspection. He feigns disinterest in all brightly colored semi educational and stimulating object I have placed in his path to crawl over to his job. A door. A hinge. A chair. He will then proceed to carefully place his tool on the floor, or use it as he examines that object. Then he moves on.

From this, I am thinking he must have been in the carpentry, interior decoration or furniture business. For jokes of course. Did you ever get such a feeling from your kids? Or did your mom say anything about you?

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  1. indrani

    Yup, I get hearing these from elders we well. It seems like my son was a Priest in his previous birth.

  2. Khushi

    Priest. That is cool.

  3. Tana

    Well, my mother claims I moved to music in a unique way even in her belly, and showed advanced signs of understanding even as an infant. As a result she named me after a classical Raga and enrolled me in classical music lessons at the age of 3. Don’t know who I was in my past life, but it certainly shaped my present life!

  4. Sophie

    Yup – I often think my daughter is very spiritual. If she hears a spiritual bhajan sung anywhere she used to stop whatever she was doing- fold her hands and pray and sway to the beat. She loves watching anyone doing puja, actively points out objects like marigold, bells, agarbattis saying “its for Puja”. Before leaving for her pre-school she goes & says bye to Krishna and often asks for a flute just like he has. These ofcourse could be influences from her present environment. “Sanskars” which determine personality traits are said to persist & influence across births.

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