Rearing Tech Savvy Gen Z

My friend Shanta, when she saw the site, suggested that this would be a great topic to highlight. And I think it is a great idea.

Because our kids are growing up immersed in technology. It so permeates their lives that they become comfortable with it and experts in it without realizing it. How this will affect their reading, writing and other skills, and how this will demand new skills I do not know. So I think its a great discussion topic.

Growing up, I did not have a TV in my home till I was much older. One of our neighbours had TV, and we would go over to their house. Then when we got our first black and white set, all of use crowded around it. I never understood the point of it – I was not interested in seeing people sing or the news and thats pretty much what everyone watched. As I grew older, I did get used to and then addicted to TV serials (Star Trek, Didi’s comedy show, Spiderman, Mickey and Donald and Johny Sokko and his flying robot). Did you know there is even an Orkut community for Johnny Sokko? If we positioned our antennae in a certain way in Calcutta, we would see Bangladesh TV which was fascinating as Bangladesh had all the English serials that I liked. Like Knight Rider. As I became older there was of course Buniyaad and other Hindi serials which I watched along with most of India. My exposure to these foreign cultures was through TV shows, tennis matches and an occasional English movie. But it was only after the gulf war and cable TV that I was introduced to the American culture. Although I was older, I found it fascinating, seductive and alluring. And now I am here! I can only imagine the influences on kids of having instant access to all kinds of cultural thinking through the web or via TV shows. I dont know if it will be good or bad – probably a matter of self and parental control – but it will definitely be fascinating and different.

As for computers, I guess I started it early enough for my time in India. When I reached Delhi, our school had a great computer lab. And soon we had a young, idealistic and enthusiastic teacher, Mr. Dash who gave us freedom to experiment in the lab – so critical for my comfort with computers. I remember my love for the new technology and the impatience and pride I felt at knowing something my mom didnt.

And though I am now very much into computers and technology I think I cannot compare to the live, breathe technology babies I am rearing. I know they may think me ancient, and I will probably try to impose ancient rules on them.  But this is a topic I would love to talk about.

What are your thoughts about our tech savvy kids?

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  1. Anonymous

    yip, it’s a true story about us.. and look now the kids? they cannot think anything other than the modern technologies!! very true point you have raised, it has more to discuss about!

  2. Khushi

    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Tana

    I cannot even begin to imagine what the impact of technology will be on the Gen Z kids… (I too didn’t watch TV until I was nearly 12, and I didn’t touch a computer until I was 21!!!) I think the biggest impact I see (not only in the kids but also in the adults of today) is the expectation of what I call “Insta-everything.” No body wants to wait anymore. No body wants to savor, cherish, hold the thought, reflect. And related to this is an accessibility that allows for no one to hide, nothing to remain private. So I think the new generation’s concepts of time and boundaries is going to be different.

  4. Anonymous

    The insta anything is an idea for a post itself.

  5. Yasmin

    That is so true, Khushi. Our kids cant possibly imagine a life without computers/ internet,televisions, phones…even microwaves, dishwashers etc.
    And like Tana said, each generation has its own concept of boundaries and time.
    I wonder what its going to be like 50 years from now…

  6. Malini

    Very true Khushi…..LIfe is so much easier with technology these days…even the 4 yr old wants to write alphabets in paintbrush instead of writing in a copy. But I wonder if technology is not used in its proper sense or for the good of mankind, where will the situation go…….Hey! after reading this post, I too recollected seeing a few Bangladeshi serials like Gulliver’s Travels…..

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