Red, Blue and White

Last in the Spirit Week series was Red, Blue and White Day. Children were to dress in clothes with those colors. The highlight of the day was “Make Your Own Sundae”. Scooping vanilla ice creme all by yourself, as much as you like, decorating it with red,blue and white sprinkles on top, no other act can even come close to the excitement it generated. I ration every sweet she eats so while being excited about going to school in anticipation of getting ice creme, our preschooler wasn’t too sure.Questions on the way to school were, So I will be eating Ice Creme at school? Is it healthy to eat Ice Creme? Will it make my teeth fall out? How much should I be eating? The best one was “I will tell Ms.E that Ice Creme isn’t good for our health, its not food, its only a treat, so we should only eat it sometimes, so she should not make children eat Ice Creme at school” . Her sentences are so long that its hard to keep a track and I keep hoping that its going to end now,OK now, maybe now,……OK, NOW it should REALLY end!!!

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  1. Khushi

    It is so adorable that they believe the rules as so paramount! Sometimes I feel grateful for that, and sometimes guilty when I break them

  2. Pry

    Cool!! You made it believe her that Icecream isnt good for health..I have been trying to make my kids get that point…So far no luck!!!!

  3. Ano

    How sweet! I’d like a sundae myself – white, brown and more chocolate!

  4. Marjorie

    Nice one. What did your girl wear? Did she wear a hat too?

  5. sands

    Hey Marjorie, she wore a dress that again was a gift from her grandma and had all american flag colors.She told me that ice creme was good but now before taking a nap I need to brush my teeth, can feel the germs stickign there. Sometimes I feel maybe I have scared her too much about the sweets!

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